Woah! Radhey to RETURN in 'Krishna Chali London'

But there is a small twist...

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The fans of Star Plus' Krishna Chali London certainly did not like it when actor Gaurav Sareen confirmed that he is quitting the show and that Radhey won't be seen anymore.

It did take a while for the viewers to adapt to this major development but it happened ultimately. But guess what? The character of Radhey is coming back to the show.

Yes! That's right. Only Gaurav Sareen won't be returning with the character as he is certainly happy with his role in Udaan currently. But actor Mayank Arora is all set to enter the show where he will be posing as the new Radhey. This will send Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) in a fix owing to this new man's claim of being Radhey.

Will time passing by, the actual mystery attached to his role will be revealed but for now, he is the new Radhey indeed.

Mayank is best known for his role in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji.

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Megha Chakraborty

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Mayank Arora

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Gaurav Sareen

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

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Krishna Chali London

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Comments (21)

Lol.. Bring on all the fake Radhe badhe's.. none of them will ever come close to Veer and the chemistry Megha and Karan have!

5 years ago

Krishna Chali London is an awesome show and Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty are phenomenal actors. Love their superb chemistry.

5 years ago

Megha Chakraborty Is amazing actress.
She is doing phenomenal acting in Kirshna Chali London.

5 years ago

Krishna Chali London Krishna Chali London Krishna Chali London Krishna Chali London

5 years ago

Not Interested In Seeing This Track
Krishna Chali London Is Awesome Show, Loving Karan Vohra And Megha Chakraborty Pair On Screen

5 years ago

Krishna and Veer are the lead characters of the show Krishna Chali London Radhey is dead now and his character is not the lead now. So, please ,provide the articles related to Veer and Krishna too. I like Gaurav also but by mentioning his name again and again you are adding salt to his wounds. He is happy in Udaan. We love Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty as leads. The show is going awesome with amazing twists and turns. Thank you.

5 years ago

Best of luck to team Krishna Chali London...
Karan Vohra and Megha Chakraborty...fo post leap sequence..

5 years ago

Why would someone believe he is radhe...
Krishna Chali London

5 years ago

Loving Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra as Krishna and Veer in Krishna Chali London Loved the new look of Megha Chakraborty. Waiting for Karan Vohra's new look. They both are doing a fabulous job. Krishna Chali London is very good show with good storyline and twists and turns. Waiting for the leap.

5 years ago

Love KrishVeer and Krishna Chali London.KrishVeer is magical. Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra you guys are fabulous as Krishna and Dr Veer.

5 years ago

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