Woah! #DidYouKnow: This 'Aapke Aa Jaane Se' actor was a part of the FAMOUS Aryans song

Actually, not just a part, but the lead too..

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Actor Sailesh Gulabani has been on the block for almost  a decade now and has done numerous shows over the years.

However, did you know that the actor has actually been working in the entertainment world for a really long time now and this throwback moment of his left us suprised.

Remember the iconic song, 'Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko' by Aryans back in 2000s? Yes! The one where a coffee waiter falls in love with a lovely lady and collects the coffee mugs she has coffee in.

The actor himself shared this moment and while we know it, we were still left suprised-

What a song that was, wasn't it?

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Sailesh Gulabani

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Comments (7)

Woah! From that lover boy to bad boy! Couldn't have guessed.

6 years ago

Yep i did know... i still remember the video

6 years ago

Love Kareena Kapoor Khan. Damn good actress.

10 years ago

well i feel actresses are not paid well...this is the biggest drawback of our industry...they can show films, send messages, do anything for the notation men and women are equal but they themselves don't follow this

10 years ago

She is quiet moody...aaj ke mood ke hisaab se kuch bolti hain aur kal kuch aur

10 years ago

Pay parity is an issue for all working women. Men are always paid more to do the same job, sometimes not as well as we do it!! So to say "I am paid well" is not really an acceptable response. Maybe she gets paid what she thinks is fair, but that dosent mean there is NO issue. It is a global concern for all women.

10 years ago

I like Kareena however please don't tell me you won't want to be in Dirty Picture if you knew how successful it was going to be. You did plenty in Heroine.

10 years ago

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