Will Emraan Hashmi ever be the same again?

Ugesh Sarcar 3rd Degree: Episode 9: Will Emraan Hashmi ever be the same again?

While some of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouth, Ugesh Sarcar was born with a magic wand in his hand. He has managed to mesmerize us with his tricks week after week and this week is no exception. And if you thought magic tricks were restricted to cards, then Ugesh is here to prove you wrong. Don't miss all the action of the 9th Episode of Ugesh Sarcar 3rd Degree, this Sunday, 8th November '09 between 7 and 7:30 PM only on UTV Bindass.

To get into his element, Ugesh starts off with a novel trick. An unsuspecting volunteer is asked to pick a card and place it back in the pack. Ugesh then throws all the cards at the ceiling. Expecting all the cards to fall down, the volunteer looks up, only to find her card hanging mid-air! If this seems boring, Ugesh then performs a near fatal trick, where he tries to stop his pulse beats. Is life after death that tempting? We'll need magic to find out.

To carry through his prime trick, Ugesh needs a special volunteer, one who he finds in Bollywood's hearth-throb – Emraan Hashmi!! Ugesh is geared up to leave him astounded and spellbound. Kicking off with a simple card trick, Ugesh plans to set the mood for his main act. He first gets Emraan to select a card and place it in the pack. All this doesn't seem to impress Emraan. But it is only after Ugesh's magic is revealed does the look on Emraan's face change from uninterested to simply amazed.

However, Ugesh doesn't stop there. He goes all out with the next trick – which is sure to cause a furor. After coaxing Emraan into volunteering, Ugesh cuts off a portion of Emraan's arm and reveals the underling matter!! This not only shocks the audience, but has Emraan taken aback as well. With promises of being able to restore the flesh, Ugesh starts the second part of the trick. Will Ugesh be able to restore the flesh or will he be accused of plain cold 'murder'?

Don't miss this enthralling 9thepisode of Ugesh Sarcar 3rd Degree Season 2, this Sunday 8th November '09 at 7 PM only on UTV Bindass and get prepared to be captivated like never before.

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Comments (8)

emraan hashmi is so cute! but i dont like his acting...all he does is just kiss other people which isnt attractive! its sick! :/

14 years ago

abe yaar is article ko lage hue 10 baras ho gaye hai ...haashmi will never be the same jo dus saal pahle tha...

14 years ago

Emraan Hashmi is bollywood heart throb??? okkkkkkk

14 years ago

Yeah i have seen some of his tricks must say some of them are really amazing !!!

14 years ago

is se acha tou karan tacker hai smart too haiii

14 years ago


14 years ago

what???did he really cut his arm with blood?

14 years ago

Thank god i'm not emraan i would be freaking out! But love emraan can't wait to see HIM!!!

14 years ago

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