Why is Gaurav so grumpy?

Gaurav Chopra seems to be losing his cool frequently in NDTV Imagine’s Pati Patni aur Woh…

After his disagreement with pre-teen Sarthak which eventually led to Sarthak walking out of the house, Gaurav is yet again at loggerheads with one of his 'children' in NDTV Imagine's Pati Patni aur Woh. This time it is him and his teen Aditya who strongly disapprove of each other.

According to our source, "When Gaurav and Mouni had gone out on a romantic dinner date, their teenage kid Aditya started rummaging through Gaurav's closet apparently checking if any of his attires matched his size! When Gaurav and Mouni return home they are utterly horrified at the kid having behaved like a burglar!"

Adds the source, "Gaurav repeatedly tries to set boundaries for Aditya to make sure that Aditya realizes, the master bedroom belongs to him and Mouni and that he is to stay away from there. But like any teen kid, for Aditya any rule has a loose end. On the other hand Aditya tries to negotiate on his pocket money and night deadlines expresses the fact that he is not happy with Gaurav's "Hitler" like tendency of imposing rules and limitations on him."
The fact that Gaurav and Aditya are not very fond of each other is evident from their behavior. Is Gaurav's arrogance surfacing from the reason that he's feeling insecure as Aditya is not much older than Mouni?

To find out Gaurav's deep dark secret keep watching Pati Patni Aur Woh at 10.30pm on NDTV Imagine.

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9 years ago

ok teenager should not cross a limit u know! he is 18 mature enough to understand how to behave, mouni-gaurav rock!

14 years ago

Definitely these teens have been told to irritate them. But surprisingly Juhi's teen was well behaved. Are the producers afraid of Juhi?

Gaurav is threatened because he senses some CHEMISTRY between the teen and Mouni... heeeheheheheh. It's so OBVIOUS!

14 years ago

I like Mouni & Gaurav & i really hate the teenager (Aditya) he is very manerless.He doesn't have any respect for elder ......

14 years ago

ROFL! He's an idiot. These teens are probably paid to make life hell. I'm a teen, probably older than the ones on the show... I'm not like that. Teens are just being given a image. =/

14 years ago

Come on people! Teens are not at all as bad as the teens in this show! This show seems scripted, or they are acting this way for publicity!

14 years ago

I dont know abt the scripted teens but Gaurav always seemed very egoistic and arrogant to me! Mouni shd get out of this relationship while theres still time, otherwise she will be saddled with the wrong type of hubby!

14 years ago

this show is either scripted or the producers told the teens to behave badly so the couples get angry, which will obviously result in higher TRPs...no normal teens would go through other peoples stuff like that

14 years ago

f u all talking smack abt teens! ima teenand not like any of these teens on the show! Gaurav tht oldy is just insucre tht the guy will start hitting on her. why is he dating a kid? go find someone ur own U SARKI GAURAV!

14 years ago

dis is all scripted!! oh cme on us teenagers rnt dat bad!! onli like wat 1 or 2 in 10 are DAT bad!!!

14 years ago

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