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Who is leading the race?Check the LIVE Meter at Mahim Causeway,Mumbai

Who will be crowned Nach Baliye 3 Winner? Star Plus lets you know who's leading in the race for the grand Nach Baliye 3 trophy though a LIVE voting meter at Mahim Causeway, Mumbai..


Mahim Causeway in Mumbai will be the place to watch out for, this weekend, as the high traffic area that connects all the big parts of the city holds a LIVE Voting Meter showing the latest trend in Nach Baliye Finale votes.

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Wanna know who is leading the race- Aamir-Sanjeeda or Rakhi-Abhishek? Then, do not fear the traffic jams and just head to Mahim Causeway to have a glance at the big hoarding, that will give you a clear picture of the number of votes the 2 finalists are receiving on the basis of their SMS votes only.

Talking on this Live Voting Meter, Mr. Prem Kamath, Vice-President-Marketing and Communications, Star India Pvt. Ltd., says, “This is a unique and first of its kind initiative taken by Star Plus. Mahim Causeway is a high-traffic area and a big part of Mumbai traffic takes this route regularly. The whole planning is via wireless technology, wherein the SIM card connected to the hoarding flashes the result, and the meter gets automatically updated every 15 minutes. The hoarding has been up from last Sunday and the Voting Meter will be switched off approximately 6 hours before the start of the Grand Finale on Saturday, 22nd December so that the final result remains undisclosed.”

So get ready to check out if Aamir-Sanjeeda or Rakhi-Abhishek are leading the race to the most prestigious Nach trophy only at Mahim Causeway…and of course, don’t forget to vote!

Author: Srividya Rajesh


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KinSanj 12 years ago YEAH!
Go Aamir nd Sanjeeda....
I'll vote 4 u, like always [:)]
Mrs.SalmanKhan 12 years ago Aamir-Sanjeeda
Aamir-Sanjeeda !
woot woot =)
advil 12 years ago Performance wise RA should win, though AS is good RA is way ahead in terms of theme or quality of presentation...popularity wise AS are which jodi will win.. well will know pretty soon.till then lets enjoy the fab performances...
Fazila~ 12 years ago wow, this is cool, hope A/S wins..........thanks for info
khushix 12 years ago AS all the way...they deserve it!.. all the best AS!...
nimrah 12 years ago Yea nice this way many ppl will vote. I hope Aamir-Sanjeeda win! :D
Vickrant 12 years ago AS fans keep voting as much as possible... pls dont take the final voting ligtly ..the result of this very thought will be disastrous for them n might ruin their chances of winning... send sms, vote thru landline and people anywhere in the world pls vote online
kubare 12 years ago Wow.....not bad at all.....great way to advertise the well as get the ppl voting....
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