'When you are internally healthy, your outside glows' - Aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh Dave who was seen in Rajkumar Aaryann, once a chubby teenager is now a handsome young man with an impressive physique to boot his acting skills. He talks on his fitness mantra...

Do you follow any fitness regime?
Yes, of course I do. I do gym, some kapalbhatti and meditation. I feel yoga is really necessary to refresh oneself.

How much time do you spend in a day for workout?

On an average, say about an hour.

Apart from this have you taken up any sport or habit that helps maintain your body?
Well, I haven't cultivated any habit but yes gotten rid of some to keep my health optimum. I now don't smoke, drink, stay out late-nights or indulge in any other habit that may take a toll on my health.

Do you make excuses to skip your gym regime?
(Laughs) Yes I do.

What's your usual excuse?
My excuse is that the muscles need rest. And it is true that the muscles need regeneration time after a good workout. So you see, my excuse is not an entirely lame one (smiles).

What's your usual diet?
My diet is such that I have a heavy breakfast and the meals that follow get lighter and lighter. My breakfast usually consists of white oats or cornflakes, egg-white, fruits and a glass of milk. I also opt for upma, poha or porridge in place of oats at times. Lunch is the usual dal, rice thali. Dinner is even lighter with mostly baked items.

Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?
Yes, I do. But it does not mean I prohibit myself from indulging. Since I have a sweet tooth I really can't afford to do that. But I make sure that I work out in accordance to my calorie intake.

Anyone that you idolize when it comes to good physique?

What do you do to keep yourself motivated towards your workout schedule?
Well, my past pictures. I take one look at them and I say to myself – I don't want to be that flabby boy again. But then jokes apart, music is a good way to keep your enthusiasm going.

Do you equate fitness with the shape of the body?

No. Body shape is a flower that will wither away in 7-9 days if you stop working out. It's an outer bearing, that's all. But fitness is something that is internal and eternal. When you are internally healthy then even your outside glows.

How were you in your teen years and now?

Like I said, I was very chubby during my teens. You can see the proof in Satish Kaushik's film Tere Sang where I'm a supporting actor. During its shoot I was only 19, and I'm so fat you won't recognize me in the movie.

Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?
Yes, I go to health spas and gyms where dietitians and nutritionists help me out. Apart from that the two instructors, Nitin and Prashant (Sonu) are also responsible for my good physique.

Suggest some fun ways for working out.
When your mood is good, everything automatically becomes fun. So try to keep your mood happy.

Tell the readers why maintaining a healthy body is important?
In this busy world where not having junk food is not an option for many of us, it is better to stay focused on the needs of our body and to take good care of it. Maintain a healthy body for your own good. If you are interested in body-building, then please stay away from supplements. They may give you a macho-body but they make you terribly weak from inside.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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