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When the LEADS of a show got into a TUSSLE and things got UGLY...!

Another case of leads getting into a spat..

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The year of controversies seems to be piling more and more to the list as time passes by. From the year that begun with Parth Samthaan-Vikas Gupta controversy to the latest being the slapgate controversy of Sonal Vengurlekar and Ankush Arora in 'Yeh Vaada Raha'.

And while, we talk about the leads of a show getting into such a spat of exchanging slaps, here is another case of the leads of a show getting into such a confrontation.

According to a leading news portal, actors Abhishek Malik and Twinkle Tenzing, who are currently the leads of episodic show, 'Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya' got into a tussle.

However, the nature of this issue was different. It so happened that Twinkle, who is debutante, was apparently taking too long to give the perfect take. Initially, cool and composed, Abhishek eventually lost his cool and scolded her when it got too long. Things escalated quickly and an argument was blown out of proportion with the actors refusing to shoot.

Ultimately, is was producer Vikas himself, who had to arrive and sort things out.

Abhishek mentioned that he, too, has been a newbie once and totally understands the nervousness and fear. However, Twinkle was taking way too much time for every scene and that got him frustrated. He even decided to walk off but thankfully, Vikas intervened and saved the day.


We hope things are all sorted and there is no bad blood between the duo..

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