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When Telly Actors had a great fall...

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,Saath Phere,Woh Rehne Wali Mehelon Ki and Mamta - under the Telly Buzz scanner...

Published: Tuesday,Sep 18, 2007 21:00 PM GMT-06:00
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The last two days on Indian Television have been like a complete Blood Bath, with the creatives of popular shows, on the look out to exterminate some of their protagonists and villains. Much was talked about in the media, about the infamous death sequence that was to kill the popular jodi of Karan and Nandini, in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. But the viewers breathed a sigh of relief as Karan and Nandini , yet again emerged victorious, this time getting back from the claws of death. Next in line was Saath Phere. The latest ‘bad man’ on Indian Television - Sachin Shroff’s track came to an end with Abhi’s negative side being exposed and, he meeting his dreadful end. Millions of hearts broke when Aamir Ali quit Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki, this thus ended the character of the naïve and romantic - Saumya. Joining these 3 popular shows is Zee’s Mamta, where Vikram, the new villain in the show, is believed to be dead when his wrong doings were exposed in front of Krishna.

It was sheer Co incidence that the dates of the deadly episodes over lapped, but the irony doesn’t end here. The way, in which the accidents and death sequences were shot, were exactly the same. Falling off the cliff, clinging to a rope or a tree branch and hoping for some miracle to happen, were few scenes that really shook the viewers, to no end. The worst part was that, two of the shows showed the characters willingly committing suicide. Now let’s put these shows under the scanner, and take a closer look at the death sequences and the manner in which they were shot...

When Telly Actors had a great fall...
The Karan-Nandini death sequence was beautifully shot in snow, where Manthan tries to kill Nandini, thinking that she is the cause for his mom, Tanya’s miseries. Manthan’s car hits Nandini, and Nandini rolls over and falls off the cliff, and here enters Karan, to her rescue. A determined Karan tries his best to pull Nandini up, who is by now hanging on to a branch of a tree. In a dramatic turn of events, the branch breaks and along with Nandini, Karan too goes rolling over, hand in hand. Balaji Telefilms should get two thumbs up for shooting the scene beautifully. The wide angles, the close up shots, the ambience created, with the backdrop of snow on a moonlit night, were all simply spectacular. Hiten and Gauri too put up a brilliant performance in the accident scene.

When Telly Actors had a great fall...
In case of Saath Phere, it was the bad man Abhi was had to face the wrath of the ‘Infamous Cliff’. On the day of ‘Teej’, Abhi’s secrets comes out and he flees for his life, as all women are set to kill him alive. They pelt stones at him, and Abhi reaches a cliff where he is stranded. A beautifully shot scene where the women continuously pelt stones at Abhi, and he ultimately falls over the cliff. But yes, he too gets hold of a tree branch, but it is ultimately Pia, who holds his hand, only to push him, deep down into the valley of death. This scene was again shot very realistically, with a fabulous performance by Sachin Shroff. His facial expressions, right from where he is pelted with stones, to falling off the cliff, were too good.

When Telly Actors had a great fall...
Mamta has been famous for bad editing, infinite bloopers, and a story line that can’t seem to even woo the actors playing the role. Another perfect example of Mamta maintaining its poor standards was shown yesterday, when the latest villain in the show - Vikram’s secret is revealed that he is the man who killed Karan, and is the reason behind much of the family dismay. The screen play had nothing much to talk about. Vikram and Akshay have a fight sequence; Vikram manages to run away, but is stranded when he comes to the edge of the mountain. A brave man that he is, Vikram jumps off the cliff throwing his hands in the air, with a clear smile on his face. (Wait, does that ring a bell? Wasn't it something that Hrithik did in Dhoom2?) Talking about the technical details in Mamta, Mamta sure gave the audience a good laugh with the unavoidable animated effects, and pathetic fall, which truly seemed like he was jumping around a skipping rope, with a big smile on his face. Over all, it was a scene to be watched on a rainy day, just for a hearty laugh…

When Telly Actors had a great fall...
Breaking all laws of gravity, and surpassing the height of compromising on quality, was the scene of Sahara’s Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki. Saumya’s death scene was shown in the most pathetic way possible. One cannot imagine, a big banner like Rajshri getting so low on quality. A terrible mixup had both Saumya and Sameer hanging on a rope, with the other end of the rope tied to the car stationed. Saumya looked as comfortable as ever, and Sameer held the rope as though he had a bouquet of roses in hand. No uniformity in background, no well projected lights, the stony structures in the background giving a clear look of an unrealistic set, and above all, the expressionless Sameer and Saumya, all gave the viewers a complete shocker of a scene, in terms of technicality. Aamir Ali who is known to portray emotional scenes very well, failed to impress the crowd this time. When he conveniently cut the rope that was tied to his hand, and again, with a smile on his face, Saumya let go of the rope and had a great fall, in peace. One would have expected more from the team of Rajshri, nevertheless, the script should get a round of applause, where Saumya sacrifices his life for a brother, who has never cared for him at all.. The quality of the scene might not have been upto the mark, but Saumya, the character, will be missed by one and all, and has sure left a trace of love and affection in all our hearts.

Well, we have now come to the end of this roller-coaster ride across the mountains, hilly tops and cliffs. Hopefully, the actors involved in these scenes had a nice time paragliding. Now it is for the TRPs to speak, and the audience to react and talk about this ‘Over the Cliff’ drama that gets incorporated in every other serial. What’s more, these are just a few Edgy happenings that we have brought to your notice. It is upto you now to add on to the tally of such falls that have been shown, in the favorite serials that you have seen till date.

Now, start off with your own score folks- This is one more that we add on to our tally. Just few weeks back, Juhi Parmar who plays the character of Kumkum in Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan, was shown falling off the mountain….

Well, now over to you folks....

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Srividya Rajesh
Special thanks to Kruthi, Smartc, Barnali, Srividya Rajesh and Supriyo for Pictures and GIF.

Note: The above views are strictly of the Author, for any questions please contact the author directly.
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giaa @giaa 16 years ago I think that aside from the (fake) snow in Kyunki the entire scene was awfully put together. The cliff turned into a raveen and then a gently sloped hillside!
When Nandaini is holding onto a branch it appears to be a cliff, whenthey fall in they look like they are at the bottom of a raveen and when they are rescued they climb up a gentle incline.

A first year student in drama school could have shot this better!

Ofcourse the icing on the cake was that Nandani was hit by a car thrown 20 feet in the air and is walking around with the usual banage to the head. In true Ekta style....Chote jahan bhi lagay bandage saar par laga
hai. I really she produces for the masses but its a pity she thinks the masses in her country are so ....gullable!
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 16 years ago Nice article!!! Very well compiled!!

One thing is sure. The serials have also become all monotonous. Creativity is lost!!!

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sensitive lark
ramisha @sensitive lark 16 years ago a very well written article n the inclusion of the scenes are really great
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yipee @yipee 16 years ago very nice and different article..enjoyed reading it thoroughly
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Shital @Shital17 16 years ago i agree the wrwmk part of the article was a bit harsh! i will miss saumya tremendously!
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Minnie @Minnie 16 years ago hehehehehehhee! Absolutely rocking article, brilliantly written!
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noodles @noodles 16 years ago Wow that was really interesting.

LOL now I'm gonna watch that Mamta episode for a good laugh. hehe

Well done on the article!!
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jessi @Jessuu 16 years ago i agree with u except for the woh rehne waali mehlon ki..was a bit harrshh...thanx tho.
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rose12 @rose12 16 years ago karan -nandini scene was shot beautifully!

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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago truly that karan-nandini scene was beautifully shot. the,expressions was great not unrealistic at all like mamta. speaking of mamta the show is going no where and whenever i watch it it makes me laugh. the porr screenplay and unrealistic sets are worth laughing ate. even the good actors can't bring the show track.
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