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Whattt??!! Pragya to die in 'Kumkum Bhagya'!

Find out why and how...


Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya has been topping the TRP charts for a while now and the audience is loving the twists and drama so far. 

In an attempt to spark more excitement, the makers will once again strike Abhi's life with a tragic element in the form of Pragya's death!

It will so happen that Tanu and Alia will send goons to kill Pragya and while trying to escape, she will meet with an accident. Abhi will learn about this and the storyline will then focus on Abhi's revenge.

Pragya being the protagonist cannot die for sure! But how will she come back? Only time will tell!


Sriti Jha Kumkum Bhagya  Zee TV 

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ASRkiMoonlight 3 years ago I know the rest.Abhi and the audience thinks that Prags died n so the whole Revenge of Abhi against all the villains...role reversal of Abhi n pragya. .
Abhi, Purab, daadi & co ... on a mission to avenge Pragya's death..then in a weird twist, Pragya's look alike apears out of nowhere n acts oblivious..and Abhi feels that its her..and so he woos her. And it will be like a fresh new romance...abhi doing all the work here. And then after some time it gets revealed that Pragya escaped her death n was pretending to be someone else in her belief to save Abhi n his family n then family n abhi getting suspicious.. trying to convince n bring her back to the family while the villain party's futile attempts to assasinate Pragya continue..haha. Typical Ekta style
Changers 3 years ago The article looks like copy and paste things.. KB is getting better with Abhi's getting his memory back and new track followed.2017-07-06 11:25:44
IPSO_FACTO 3 years ago this is so funny. i actually liked the show when it started and tried to watch the track after pragyas makeover and tannus pregnancy. but man i couldnt bear any longer. stopped watching in 2015 itself. but whenever i dare to watch it, i always see abhigaya either running from goons or gettimg remarried etc. too much man. end this already2017-07-06 10:58:30
Mages 3 years ago seriously with this kind of stupid storyline...this show better to go off air...what they hell is this...3 yrs...we only see Abhigya separation..kidnapping...accident...plotting and planning by the evil there any story beyond that...god knows how this show ruling the chart...if it was me...i would give a notice to off air this show if they can't bring in new ideas
hugsandkisses 3 years ago Wow sriti jha is a great actor , never thought she would continue playing pragya for such a long time . How many times has she died till now ?
purvim 3 years ago Abhi khud ko to samhaal nahin shakta, abhi tak Pragya hi use samhaalti aayi hai. woh kya revenge lega.
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 3 years ago Please end this damn crapfest..!!! One of the worst and pathetic show that deserves ZERO TRP and needs to go off air soon.
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