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What's Neha's choice?

Even though she is not playing 'Mamta' any more,her charm has not lessened among her fans.This week we feature the lovely actress in our weekly column 'Pasand Apni Apni'.

Published: Friday,Jun 29, 2007 23:04 PM GMT-06:00
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Whats Nehas choice?
She’s chirpy, she’s vivacious and she’s a house-hold name. Her portrayal as Mamta in the zee series made many heads turn and from time to time , she has proved her acting abilities. We got in touch with the very elegant Neha Mehta of ‘Mamta’ fame and found out about her pasand…

Fav. Perfume –It’s my latest addition and I’m already in love with it…its Fem by Hugo Boss.

Fav. clothes Brand - Benetton/Rumanika, but then again, I would opt for anything thats comfortable and looks good.

Fav. TV show - I only watch Discovery and National Geographic, its sounds cliched, but I just enjoy these two shows.

Fav .Season - Indian Winter/Spring and Autum abroad

Fav. Make up brand - Mac/Bobby Brown

Fav. Cricketer - Sachin Tendulkar.

Fav. Co star - Anand Surayanshi

Fav. Music Band/Singer - Bryan Adams

Fav. Cuisine - Indian and Thai

Fav. Move dialogue - Its from Rang De Basanti, I cant remember the exact words but its like – “If you dont like something in the society, then either stick with it and dont complain, or else, step up and take the responsibility to change it.”

Hmmm… Neha’s sure got her unique taste.
So guys, that was the very stylish Neha Mehta spilling some of her favourites for us. So you stay tuned for your favourite celebrity and to know their favourites, only with Pasand Apni Apni.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Priya
Contact Author: PM remixrulz
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lovey @l0vey 15 years ago short interview.
but i think she is so adorable. loved her in mamta! till they changed her.
hope to see more of her soon!
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Sonia / Aniqa ~Whichever you prefer =) @untamedvampire 15 years ago shes quite cute, dont knw y but she looks a teeny weeny bit like mona wasu
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Lady Black
Lady Black @Lady Black 16 years ago After I first saw Neha as Mamta, I thought she was one of the sweetest looking TV actresses! I'm quite sad she left Mamta, since I've not seen her on anything since..but I really liked to hear about what sort of thing she is into!

I have a hard time picturing Mamta and little baby Krish watching the discovery channel and listening to Bryan Adams while eating Thai food^-^

~Lady Black~
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POOJA @pj2012 16 years ago She looked splendid in Mamta with Anand suryavanshi...The most cutest pair in tellywood..Really missing her!!!
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago wow...have to say she's got a great choice! Great article
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Kiran @kimmu 16 years ago i miss her, shes one of my favorite 2 nehas
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star2 @star2 16 years ago Thanks for the article.
Again thanks Neha for quitting that crap serial.Nice taste and favourite dialogue was superb.
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_n.i.k.i.t.a_ @_n.i.k.i.t.a_ 16 years ago TO kggk_fan01
She acted in Piya Ka Ghar dear...
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Mallika @marvelous.malks 16 years ago rock on neha..she likes bryan adams
he is <3ly!!!!!!!
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kggk_fan01 @kggk_fan01 16 years ago Oh yea, she was also in this other show. I forgot the name. Shes nice!

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