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WHAT IF these Attributes were Characters?

What if Love was a character? Who would it look like?


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You know sometimes we are casually talking and we come up to the sentence like, If THIS was a person, it would be me! Similarly we are taking our TV characters and the attributes they live up to. There are a lot of things our characters can be. Check out our list and see what attributes our loving characters have!

If DISAPPOINTMENT was a character:

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Kunal  from Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka has clearly been a disappointment with his poor decision making process and reckless thinking. He could have been in a better place had he not done the things he did. He has been disappointing the audience with his behavior already and hence if disappointment was a character, then it has to go to Kunal for sure.

If LOVE was a character:

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"Biwi".. Remember who said it in the most romantic way? Yes, you got it right! RK from Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. He was a total lover and loved Madhubala in the most passionate style. He can literally pull off LOVE in the most perfect way! He was possessive, but set her free. He cared about her like no one could. If love was a character, it has to be RK. RK and Madhubala's story was full of love and we all loved it.

If OBSESSION was a character:

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When we think about obsession, it has to be Maya from Beyhadh. Maya was so obsessed with Arjun that even audience felt the fear she created. She could do anything to be with Arjun, her life revolved around him. The obsession she showed towards Arjun was itself downright scary. Maya it is, for obsession then!

If HAPPINESS was a character:

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Happiness is gracefully carried by Happy from Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji. She has been a very happy-go-lucky girl in the show and is a real charm to watch her. Truly, if happiness was a character it has to be Happy. The name itself gives so positive energy and happy vibes. No matter how much of problems she had to face, Happy always made very clear that she was up for it and faced everything with a smile permanently fixed on her face.

If ANGER was a character:

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Arnav from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon wins this one! Remember Arnav Singh Raizada and his cloud nine attitude? He was so rude and angry all the time, though Khushi changed him a bit. But he always had the poker face and his angry lines were reluctant to fade. Hence if anger was a person, it had to be Arnav with his angry face!

If STUPIDITY was a character:

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Stupidity can be managed well by Abhishek from Kumkum Bhagya. He has always done something or the other which is considered stupid by every one. Hence if stupidity was a character, he had to be Abhishek.

If BAD LUCK was a character:

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You know it already, don't you? Jethalal from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is the king of Bad Luck. "Jethalal aur uski phooti kismat" is world famous. No matter how hard he tries to live a normal life, bad omen hits him hard. Hence, if bad luck was a character then Jethalal it is!

If SADNESS was a character:

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Ishita from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is the saddest person in the universe. She has to be the attribute of sadness as whatever the situation may be, she will find the way to be sad about it and cry over it. Ishita is everyone's favorite and people want her to actually be happy. But we can clearly see the sadness that revolves around her.

Well, there are a lot of attributes that can be made into a character. What attributes do you think will suit the character the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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