What does music mean to our Bollywood singers, composers?

They give Bollywood music buffs their regular doses of sounds, melodies and beats that ...

They give Bollywood music buffs their regular doses of sounds, melodies and beats that take not only the country but the world by storm. Recent example being the double Oscar for Indian music director A.R. Rahman.

Music has taken them places, music is what they eat, sleep and live with. So on the occasion of World Music Day, June 21, many artists belonging to the Hindi filmdom came out and revealed what exactly music means to them.

IANS spoke to a few of them to know their views.

Alka Yagnik: Music is like the breath I take every moment, to be able to live!

Shaan: For me music is that wonder that makes the moment far more alive. And personally for me, it's the best way to express my emotions.

Sukhwinder: Music for me is my life, my existence and it gives me energy.

Vishal Dadlani: Music is the ocean I live in. I spend all day, everyday, with music and I'm grateful for this blessing I have received!

Kailash Kher: Music to me is everything... I can see god when I do live performances or do a recording with people around me.

Sunidhi Chauhan: Music is oxygen, life, the universe for me.

Anushka Manchanda: I don't know where I would be without music. Music gives you hope, it gives you faith. It has the power to make people come out of tough times and feel better. Music is full power. That's what it is.

Toshi Sabri: Music is like breath for me.

Anand Raaj Anand: Music is a universal language... It is the language of the soul.

Sajid Ali: Music to me is a tool with which I express myself, my being, and get connected to all other people, my family included. Music has given me everything that I ever needed.

Wajid Ali: My way of living is encompassed by music. I'm thinking of music when I drive, when I play, when I gym, when I bathe even. In our family music runs in our blood. Sometimes I find this close association with music even scary. I thank god for having blessed us with this divine ability, because I cannot even think of what else I would have done with my life other than music. The satisfaction is beyond something I can explain or imagine. Just like people cannot survive without water, just like people cannot survive without air, I cannot survive even for a second without Music.

Shibani Kashyap: Music is my life, my passion and whatever music I make and compose is an extension of my personality. Music feeds my soul. I've composed and written a song called 'Don't stop the music, just let it flow...', I'll be performing this in Mumbai on June 21.

Palash Sen: I know that I'll never die... Gonna live my rock and roll everyday. Got my reasons to stay alive... My music is my medicine everyday.

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