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What About Savarkar?

Retake Unlimited and Aurous Avatar Entertainement is coming up with a Marathi feature film, 'What About Savarkar?'

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15th August 1947, a date that marks our independence. There are many names that come into our head when we think about Indian Independence. But there are quite some names that have been forgotten conveniently. One such name is Swatantravir Savarkar. A person who seems to have been lost in the pages of history.

Retake Unlimited and Aurous Avatar Entertainement  is coming up with a Marathi feature film, 'What About Savarkar?' which gives us an insight about Savarkar's teachings and how the modern youth has completely forgotten about his virtue and values

'What About Savarkar?' is a story about a heroic bachelor who works in one of Mumbai's multinational companies as an executive officer. A twenty-five year-old young man was having a very good salary package. Bike and guitar are the two most favourable things that he is always looking for. He falls in love with a beautiful Manipuri girl Suniti who works in the same office with him. They are dreaming about a lovely future to spend together.

'What About Savarkar?' is The Journey of Our Hero who wants to reinstate the respect and the honour of the Great Leader Swatantravir Savarkar

'What About Savarkar?' includes amazing songs which are represented whole heartedly. Avdut Gupte, Swapnil Bandodkar &Vaishali Samant have lent their voices for some of the melodies in this glorious story.

This movie tries to represent the beauty of Konkan, Manipur, Delhi and Punjab with a vigorous story and spectacular celebrity artists. Some of the prominent names of the Marathi industry; such as Sharad Ponkshe, Avinash Narkar, Atul Todankar, and many more have come together to form an integral part of the film.

The astounding act of brilliant actors, attractive scenery and many other significant things in the film tries to give the audience a precious experience with an honest effort and a true heart.


Anita Menon

Avinash Narkar Sharad Ponkshe Atul Todankar Vaishali Samant Swapnil Bandodkar Avdut Gupte What About Savarkar? 

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