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We need to be prepared for adversity & plan in advance-Sai Deodhar

Sai Deodhar talks to Telly Buzz about her comeback vehicle Kashi, and also on the time she spent away from television..


Sai Deodhar is back on TV with Imagine's new show Kashi, produced by Film Farm India.

Tellybuzz got in touch with her to know whether her break from television was planned, and what made her to take this role.

It sounds cliche but what made you take this role?
I would also want to answer that first (laughs). Honestly the first reason was that I am very fond of Rupali and Pintoo Guha. I had earlier done a pilot for their show Tumhari Disha, but could not take it up as I was doing Saara Aakash then, and my dates were clashing. Secondly they convinced me that this role is something different for what I have attempted on TV so far. In TV, we really don't get a chance to do something new every time. Having said this, I am lucky to have got different kind of roles to play in my career. When they offered me this role, I had no reason to refuse. The character was good and there were no date issues also.

So what exactly is your character in Kashi?   
The character name is Ishwari. She is a loving mother to Kashi and can do anything for her daughter. Even if she has to give her life for her daughter she will not hesitate in doing so. She tries her best to provide her daughter with education.

How difficult was it to you to get speaking the dialect needed for the role?
It was extremely difficult for me. I am a half Bengali, and half Maharashtrian, married to a Punjabi guy. To top it all, I have stayed all my life in Mumbai. All credit to my creative team and co-stars who helped me a lot initially. But now, I have managed to get a hold on things (smiles).
Any other way in which you prepared for the role?
Well, I watched all the recent TV shows to get into the groove (laughs).

So which show do you like on TV?
I like Jyoti on Imagine. It's very natural and simple and also the Yashraj band on TV is quite interesting.

Is it a well-planned move by Shakti and you to take up work at the same time?
(laughs) It's a very sweet coincidence, that's all I can say. And our shows launched on the same day too. While Shakti's Godh Bharaai on Sony airs at 7.30 PM, my show Kashi is on Imagine at 8 PM. So I get a feel of working together, and it is God's gift. Another interesting fact is that we both went to Wai for our first outdoor schedule (smiles).

Shakti and you are back to television after a while?
Yes we were doing a film together for AB Corp. We have no idea when the film will release. I was also busy directing a short film on a children based issue titled 'Aadhu and Kadhu'. I am now involved in the post production of the film. 

We have heard that you both love traveling. So what are the places that you visited during this break?
Seriously, the two year holiday was too long. But we enjoyed every moment of it. We traveled all thro' USA, Mauritius, Bangkok and many other places. I have now received a warning from Shakti that 'Bas ab bahar jaane ka naam mat lo' (now do not even think of going out) (laughs).

You both were not working for a long time. Did you not feel financially insecure?
Yes, we really felt insecure. To top it all, we spent a lot on travel. We also sailed in the same boat and were out of work at the same time. Television is no more a secure place, we need to be prepared for any adversity, and plan everything in advance. I am happy that I have a good life partner who makes me feel easy.

Will you continue to play mother to Kashi even after the girl is shown as an adult?
Right now I am taking the show as it comes. I only know that I am playing mother to a 6-7 year old girl and it feels nice.

So any plans to extend your family?
Oh my god!! We have not planned anything like that till now. We leave it to God.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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Shaina_b 10 years ago I liked her in Saara Akash!!!!!!

Piasengupta21 10 years ago These show is great, she is doing a great job, me too like Jyoti: it is truely under ratted2010-03-13 00:17:46
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