'We mentors will not talk to each other on sets' - Shankar Mahdevan

Silence is 'Gold' when it comes to the mentors on SaReGaMaPa, as after an ugly spat last week, they have decided not to talk to each other when the shoot is on... Here is Shankar throwing light on this...

During the Rakhi special episode last week, there was a huge rift witnessed between the mentors of Zee TV’s reality show SaReGaMaPa regarding the elimination of contestants from the show. The four mentors were divided on whom to bring back via Sanjivani bhooti. Himesh and Aadesh were unable to decide on whom to eliminate and kept their mouth zipped while Shankar and Pritam questioned them for changing the format according to their will and wish. This heated argument, led to an ugly spat between the four and as a foregone conclusion they just left the shoot.

This week the mentors have taken a conscious decision of not talking to each other. They realized that their arguments on the sets don't go down well with the audience and hence this decision.

We caught up with Shankar Mahadevan, the mentor of Lakshya Gharana to throw some light on this issue. “We all four mentors have a good bonding with each other. Unlike other reality shows where the judges fight, we gel very well. But now that we have disagreements, we have decided not to talk with each and will not get into arguments. Whatever we interact on the show will directly be with the contestants and via the host. This will help us maintain decorum in the sets and this will also not affect our personality in front of the audience. None of us wish to spread a negative vibe which will affect the relationship with the audience as well as the contestants and thus, we have taken this decision”.

When quizzed if this incident has affected their personal relationship, he declined the statement saying, “We all are friends and you can see all this in the coming week. It will be very interesting for the audience seeing the way we comment. It is rather very cute and a sweet interaction between us. Audience will definitely enjoy this change”.

After the major tiff between the mentors last week, maybe this particular decision was much needed.

Though everything seems calm and quiet, the show insiders are just waiting for the volcano to erupt any moment now. So, is this a silence before a big storm? Only time can answer to this!!

Reporter and Author: Anuradha

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Comments (7)

I swear they are a true pack of clowns and make me laugh! Himesh being the biggest clown!
but lol! I still love them!

15 years ago

Just a publicity stunt... they need to concentrate on the contestants as they suffer the most when their guru's argue about them...

15 years ago

thanks... i really hope this stops all the fights, cuz it's getting really annoying!

15 years ago

apart from their fights, sgmp is good!

15 years ago

ugh... all a drama... what this show was last year nd what it is now it makes me sad they fight just for the sake of publicity

15 years ago

thanks...i hope their problem is resolved.

15 years ago

This is more or less same story of all reality shows.

15 years ago

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