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We have had a huge share of unprofessional actors who have manipulated their quotes: Rajan Shahi

Rajan Shahi opens up on how he deals with actors who rise to fame with his shows, yet, go ahead to bad mouth him, the production house and the show.

Published: Friday,Aug 04, 2023 11:52 AM GMT-06:00
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Rajan Shahi

Rajan Shahi, a distinguished figure in television production, has left an indelible mark on the Indian television industry. His impressive portfolio includes highly successful shows such as 'Bidaai,' 'Anupamaa,' 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,' and 'Wo Toh Hai Albela,' showcasing his exceptional storytelling skills and the ability to create relatable characters.

The heartwarming family drama, "Anupamaa," resonated deeply with audiences, portraying the strength of a woman in the face of life's challenges. Meanwhile, "YRKKH" has consistently remained an audience favourite, captivating viewers with its compelling narrative and evolving relationships.

Over Time, Rajan Shahi has earned well-deserved acclaim, establishing himself as one of the most celebrated producers of his generation.

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We asked the producer how actors have gained popularity from his shows and have still gone ahead to bad mouth him, the show and the production and whether this affects him. Replying to this, he said, ''Never. You know, I have always had Gratitude and respect for everyone who has been a part of my shows. I believe in the concept of 'Kal aaj aur Kal.' 'Jo kal thhe unko bhi gratitude hai, Jo aaj hai unhe bhi gratitude aur jo kal hoge unhe bhi gratitude.' (Gratitude to those who were with us yesterday, Gratitude to those who are with us today and Gratitude to those who will be with us tomorrow.) As a maker, we respect all the opinions of the fan clubs our actors have, but as a maker, we see many things happening behind the scenes which we do not verbalise, considering the respect of the actor and the show. We keep a lot of respect underground that way. If I start saying what happens on set, but frankly, I think nobody is interested in that version, and as a maker, I, too, am not interested in being the newsmaker of the day. Otherwise, I would not have survived 31 years in the industry. As a production house, we have had a huge share of actors who have been very unprofessional, actors who have manipulated their quotes, saying everything.''

He further added, ''They seem obsessed with the show and go on and on even though they are no longer a part of it, which is okay. When my core team gets upset upon coming across these things, especially when judgements are passed without even knowing the whole truth, I tell them to keep calm because Time is mighty, and sooner or later, Time will tell. It does not bother me as long as my core team knows the truth. And secondly, there is only one thing I would like to say to people who have worked with me and will be working with me in the future is that we should focus on our craft and our work. When I wake up in the morning, I want to focus on the bright side of life rather than getting into mud-slinging and a chain of negative reactions. In my career, I have only come out in the open and spoken about certain actors twice or thrice because I was pushed to the edge. I always prefer to be silent and let the actual truth and the dignity of the actor be there. When I have spoken about the unprofessionalism of certain actors, it was because I was pushed to an edge with a lot of margins. As long as my core team, the channel and my unit know the truth, I do not want to go and justify things.''

Who do you think he is hinting at? Drop in your interpretations in the comments below. 

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DiamondLife @DiamondLife 4 months ago Rajan ji talking about Recent exiting cameo character in yeh rishta - jay Soni
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ltelidevara @ltelidevara 4 months ago As much as he takes credit for making actors successful through his shows,actors also deserve same credit cos they are the faces that make viewers glued to screen.ITV producers including Mr. Rajan think they are the supremos & actors are employees. Nothing strange to hear Rajan say what he did. Like in Bollywood,here also power game continue to dominate the scene & sometimes many talented actors like Paras face the heat cos of being immature & naive.
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M1257887 4 months ago This content is hidden.
M1257887 4 months ago This content is hidden.
Kajal Ghosh @ExpectoPatronu 4 months ago Jay Soni hi obsessed hai every news outlets ko interview diye ja raha hai, ab show ka part bhi nahi hai
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Lostin90s @Lostin90s 4 months ago He is obviously to the actor who played Samar
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ThandiChai @ThandiChai 4 months ago Seems like a taunt towards Paras Kalnawat
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Shesha @Sshesha 4 months ago I'm happy for those so-called unprofessional actors who took a stand for their career, respect and life and manage to be very successful (or at least peaceful) in their lives instead of wasting their lives for some infinite years playing monotonous role with less scope of growth or just being a show piece. I seriously feel bad for Hina and Karan who gave their 8 years to shape up his show but received just insult.
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