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'We are competing against ourselves' - Shaleen - Daljeet

The cutest couple of Nach talks about their relatioship and their stint in the show...

Published: Saturday,Nov 01, 2008 12:26 PM GMT-06:00
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Among the current Nach Jodis, Shaleen Banot and Daljeet Kaur are one of the cutest couples. Telly Buzz caught up with the very much in love couple and had a tete-a-tete on their relationship.  How did Shaleen propose to you?
We are competing against ourselves - Shaleen - Daljeet

Daljeet: We know each other for quite some time. I think one of the most important things is that we clicked. It's not that he went down on his knees to propose to me, but yes we knew we were a couple. Though, I would love if he does propose to me the formal way.
Tell me which book says that you need to propose. We love each other and that's what counts.
What attracts you to each other?
It's just that we are so alike. We both come from small towns and have a conservative attitude towards life.  Certain big town traits like giving each other space, don't work with us. If I love you, I would want you around me. Why do you need to be away from the person you care!
Shaleen: She is perfect.
You also have declared your love quite close to Nach, so people might accuse you of being a couple just for the sake of the competition? 
Daljeet: I don't think I need to explain myself to anybody. I love him and we want to spend the rest of our lives together and that's what counts.
Shaleen: I don't understand the logic behind this question. What I and Daljeet feel is a personal thing. Why should we go about telling the world?  News about others couples goes out because they are very social, but we are not. I would rather sit and spend time with her at home instead of clubbing.
What is your funda on husband wife equation?
Daljeet: I believe that after marriage, it's the responsibility of the husband to look after the wife. 
So Daljeet, you will not work after marriage?
Daljeet: I did not say that. It's just that for me, my family will be the main priority. I just might decide to sit at home; you never know or may work on my own terms. 
Shaleen:  Who am I to put any conditions?  It's her wish if she wants to sit at home like a queen. But yes, if she does stay at home, I will get to eat hot food every day.
Daljeet, will you not wear revealing clothes post marriage?
It's not him; I am personally not comfortable in wearing bold outfits.  Even in Nach, my costumes are covered as I want to concentrate on my dancing and not about what is showing and what's not.
Among the 3 judges whose views do you wait for with bated breath?
Without a doubt Farah. She is the choreographer and knows everything about dancing.
We are competing against ourselves - Shaleen - Daljeet
Do you think you will last till the end?
Without a doubt.  But we are looking at it from the point of view that the more we last the more time we get to spend with each other, money is secondary. But again, to last for 3 months in the competition we have to win the show.

Who do you think is the toughest competitor? 
Both: We are not competing with anybody but ourselves. Each Jodi has their own strong and weak points.
What do you have to say about audience voting?
Daljeet: It's too early to comment on this. I am sure when the audience votes, they keep in mind the talent of the jodis.
Shaleen: I have no problems. Gone are the days when the audiences looked at negative actors with disdain.  Even if you play a negative role, the audience still loves you.
There was a buzz which said that one future twist could be one round where you dance with somebody else's Baliye
Please don't say so, I am not comfortable dancing with somebody else.
Shaleen: I have already prepared a few songs for that possible round. Bhaiya mera Rakhi Ke Bhandan Ko Nibhana
How would you celebrate if you won?
We are not so much into outing. I might take her for dinner to a dhabba or someplace else. We have not yet decided on it.
Daljeet: I will go wherever he decides to take me.

Reporter and Author: Anil MeraniALSO READ: Will Damini succeed in her mission to stop Radha and Mohan from competing in the contest?

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iluvrainaarti @iluvrainaarti 11 years ago They are sooo in love with each other. Kash mujhe bhi shaleen jaisa koi mile.
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Marya @Mazzy101 14 years ago Their soo cute! i think that they are very nice and very good dancers! i like both of them and they are both good actrs aswell as dancers! Good luck!
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Sadi Sadia @rampal_iqbal 15 years ago they r jus made 4 each other...
the r really so cute n share the same birth-date with me....wow
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desichik786 @desichik786 15 years ago awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they are so cute is she the girl from kulvadhu
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sana @*-sana-* 15 years ago awwwwwwwwww they''re sooo cute together! :D
i rly hope they wim! :-)
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Tenzin phentok @Tenzin.Rox 15 years ago Awwww They are Sooo Cuteee
I luv them from Kulvadhuu(however u spell it!!)
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--Princess-- @--Princess-- 15 years ago I LOVE THIS COUPLE !

May this couple wins !! AMEEN !!!

Go Shaleen-Daljeet !!!
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Mahnoor_13 @Mahnoor_13 15 years ago they surely are the best couple ..... i hope they win!!!!
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indi_girl16 @indi_girl16 15 years ago lmao bhaiya n shaleen? no way!! aww too cute
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Silence @SecretKhabri420 15 years ago I like their dancing on that concept episode, they were super!!!!!!!.......
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