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Waseem and Navi had a great fall!

Not every show makes you climb trees, does it...

You must be wondering why this headline sounds so poetic! Let us put some more light on it. A recent shoot of Life OK's Amrit Manthan became a memorable experience for two of its actors. Read on.

A little birdie informs, "As Tej and Agam are shown as a childhood friends in the show. Yesterday, while shooting a sequence where Tej (Waseem Mushtaq) and Agam (Navi Bhangu), were asked to climb a tree as the scene was about both re-collecting their childhood memories of climbing a tree to get on the top first to posses the kite. Waseem and Navi both missed a support between the branches and fell down, injuring themselves."

Yes, now that's the story of their great fall. Let's hear it from the man himself, "We were not able to stop laughing after we fell, but yes, we got some minor scratches. It was fun shooting for the sequence and we had an entirely different experience. While shooting, I was recalling my childhood memories of climbing trees," explains Waseem Mushtaq.

Well, that was all about their great fall!

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar


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cjs369 8 years ago thank god no one was seriously hurt... love this show
ringroses 8 years ago Thank God...all is well... AMRIT MANTHAN one of The most favorite show on LifeOK...please take care while doing daredevil acts
iramtheegr8 8 years ago Awww..get well sooonn!!!

2012-03-31 22:21:44
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