Was sceptical to sign TV show: Sonali Kulkarni

Actress Sonali Kulkarni says she was "sceptical" about signing TV show "Tamanna", fearing the impact it would have on her "film and theatre commitments".

Actress Sonali Kulkarni says she was "sceptical" about signing TV show "Tamanna", fearing the impact it would have on her "film and theatre commitments".

The actress added that the makers of the Star Plus show convinced her, especially Ajinkya Deo, read a statement.

When asked what made her to take up this role to make her fiction debut on the television, the actress said: "Ajinkya Deo convinced me to do this role. I've known the brothers (Ajinkya and Abhinay Deo) since the longest time now and I'm sure they can never go wrong and leave no effort in any project they work on."

"I was sceptical earlier to sign for a television show as I thought it might affect my film and theatre commitments, but Ajinkya ensures I'm pampered like a baby on the sets."

The actress, who got back to the small screen after her appearance in a stunt-based reality show "Khatron Ke Khiladi" in 2008, is seen as a lawyer in the show, which is about a woman cricket aspirant.

Talking about her role, she said: "After the first narration, I fell in love with the character, she is a lawyer and counsellor. She is very confident and can never tolerate injustice. The concept of the show is so relevant and like a fresh breath of air amidst the mundane saas-bahu shows on TV."

Featuring Anuja Sathe as the protagonist Dharaa Solanki, "Tamanna" is a finite series which challenges the mentality that a woman's dreams come with an expiry date.

It is the story of Dharaa's passion for cricket and her journey through the different phases of her life. It also features Ketki Dave, Kiran Karmarkar, Harsh Chhaya and Vishal Gandhi among others.

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as of now show is fabulous..My only fear is SP craze for TRP...

8 years ago

Tamanna is among the few good shows on television. The performances by the cast are too good. But, Indian tv dosen't deserve such good shows. :(

8 years ago

Somalia Kulkarni is awesome in the show
Loving the show which is so progressive...sad that progressive shows don't get good trps

8 years ago

Sonali ur a fab actress...and despite having a good concept , tamanna is not working in the masses. the trp's are low and it will die an untimely death like everest and gulmohar grand ! so i am not sure if you made a right move or not...anyways all the best to you.

8 years ago

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