Voting Trends in Jhalak - Is it Based on Regionalism Or Popularity?

Star's performance, popularity or his domicile - What rules today's voting trend in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa to select the winner? Read on to know more...

A popular TV channel, some of the most popular and talented television heartthrobs, some very popular rocking chartbusters - if all this is given to the audience in a celebrity reality show like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, then what will the outcome be? The most popular TV show is expected to be hit by a Tsunami of SMS votes, coming from the crazy fans, in support of their favorite and popular actors, thus helping the reality show’s TRP to skyrocket. In a nutshell, the key word that runs this kind of reality shows is the “Popularity Quotient that the show can offer, in terms of participants”.

The voting trends used to follow a set pattern, wherein the more popular the star is, in the Soap World, the greater are the chances of his/her winning. But lately, the second season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa has broken away from this set pattern, and the voting trends tell a different story. Popular actors like Sudha Chandran and Prachi Desai, who have been loved by the viewers for their roles on TV and for their exceptionally good dancing skills, are no longer a part of the competition, while the Hottest Men of Television, Ronit Roy and Jay Bhanushali always seem to be on the threshold of elimination, in spite of the fact that, they ride on enormous fan following. Now, how is it that there is a sudden change in the voting pattern? Is it that the junta has stopped adoring their favorites’, who are very talented when it comes to dancing too? This is surely not the case, as Mika Singh, who is relatively less talented than the others, seems to be sailing high on votes. So should we consider that ‘Regional voting’ has surged ahead of the ‘Popularity factor’ in Jhalak?

Talent is surely going unnoticed in this reality show; while Mika marches ahead round after round, with just a slight improvement in his dance, talented contestants like Sudha and Prachi have been shown the door, even after stellar performances. Some states can be chauvinistic about the sons and daughters of their soil, and a mass SMS movement from that state can skew the voting numbers big time. The difficulty is that not all states are equally enthusiastic about supporting their sons and daughters. Parochialism in such matters can go against genuine talent - and the best talent may lose out, and that’s something that is happening in Jhalak due to this bizarre public voting.

First, it was popularity that maneuvered viewer’s choice, today that is taken over by a celebrities domicile. One question that now comes to mind is - How long is this fad going to last? Will we ever see a real talent emerge from a talent show, or in all these other “hunting” reasons, the probability of getting a worthy winner has gone totally extinct? Will talent ever emerge as the true winner, or do we have to compromise and learn to accept and live with mediocrity? Well, you the Voting Junta needs to answer…

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Comments (31)

Based of Ektaism tobring Prachi back

voting is matter how they are

16 years ago

this is such a debatable topic, I have never got the voting trends of this Indian reality TV shows, it has always been like this from beginning.

All good talents are shown the door lame ones are felt, taking Jhalaks 1st seaon its was more of Popularity since that time Jassi was in everone's system Mona got the prize.

But 2nd season things looks better but when voting comes I say its more of trp reason 50/50 chance so the viewerhip gets a raise thats what I think...

but one thing I hate is Mika always praising of being a punjabi thats just down right lame I tell you there are other races too in India not just punjabis...

16 years ago

this always happens the person who should win never does

16 years ago

I agree with others who have said it's not due to regionalism that the better dancers have been shown the door :( I believe the most popular contestants are either voting for themselves or sending in votes by some illegal means but either ways People are NOT voting for certain contestants just becasue they think he represents their state specially Mika coz he is NOT all that popular in punjab infact him and his brother are more popular in other states like delhi and Mumbai than Punjab so I wouldn't be pointing my fingers at Punjabi's for getting the good contestants out:)

Barnali I usually enjoy reading your articles but it's paining for me to say this one is very biased:(

16 years ago

I think you are absolatly right we will never get true tallent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

With due respect to Barnali, I think this editorial is not a fair one. You have only considered the popular actors (Ekta's soap stars) and not even gave a cursory mention to talents that were voted out such as Tapur and Mini Mathur.

While I agree that Mika, sonali should have been eliminated earlier, Prachi and Jay still have a long way to go in improving their performances as far as technique, form and body language is concerned. In that sense, voting has been fair. We are not looking for Bollywood style dancing here.

16 years ago

By mika thing why every1 is trying to say dat every1 in punjab votes for him...Why u trying to point the finger at MIKA said they have him in the show iz cuz of the TRPz.....

16 years ago

well i think its biased...PRACHI WAS DAMNASS GOOD...n so were the others..i sorta feel that mika should have gotten out coz he only does punjabi dances when like every1 else does different so angry that she got out

16 years ago

yea i agree...
punjabis shouldnt be udges soo.. i think itz some trps thing too..

16 years ago

r u trying to say everyone in punjab is voting for mika, cause i doubt its based on reginalism, at all.

theres a consspiracy behind the show, liek always. for trps.

16 years ago

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