Vivian Dsena: Waiting for a good project on the digital platform

Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii actor opens up on his anticipation from his debut in the digital space


Actor, Vivian Dsena is a name to reckon with in TV world, but unlike many other small screen biggies, Vivian is one of the very few actors, who has yet not forayed in the digital space. Blame it on the kind of work he has been approached with, because Vivian says that he is still waiting for a good project to come along his way. "I have never said no for the medium. I am waiting for a good project. If something good comes up, where I think I am able to justify myself as an actor, I will take it up," he specifies.

It's all about the role for Vivian. "I have refused three shows on TV which turned out to be very good shows in future but I knew that I won't be able to play those kinds of characters. I knew that people won't accept me at that point in time of my career, in that role. They were too close to the previous character. I give at least a six-month break between taking up new characters and I feel that much time is required to get back to your sanity," he mentions.

Meanwhile, the actor is busy pursuing his passion for football. "I am still playing football and we even won the All Stars match in Singapore and Pune. We practice on Sundays in Bandra. I am recovering from my injury and practising football. I have been playing this sport for the last 20 years. I have always focused on Football," he shared.

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Vivian Dsena Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii 

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