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Vivian Dsena: People who attempt to write about my personal life without consent will face legal ramifications

Vivian Dsena is known for guarding his personal life and he has no intentions of changing his ways.

Published: Friday,Apr 22, 2022 06:44 AM GMT-06:00
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Vivian Dsena

Actor Vivian Dsena is known for guarding his personal life and he has no intentions of changing his ways. Little wonder then, he has a handful of friends, an intimate circle with whom he likes to share everything about his life. For him, his personal life is a sacred space, which he doesn’t wish to be infiltrated at any cost.

He says, “I have maintained that I owe my audience and fans all the love, appreciation, and success that I have received from them over the years. However, I am not answerable to anyone regarding my personal life. If anyone wants to know who I am as a person, details regarding my personal life, or what happens within the four walls of my home, then I want to say that I don’t owe anything to them on that front.”

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Vivian aspires to entertain the audience but with his work and not by giving them a glimpse into his personal space. He has a reason for it. He asserts, “All of us go through highs and lows in life because it is a journey and not a destination. When I face tough times, I don’t ask for help from my fans, my viewers, or my co-actors. So, when someone doesn’t come to my rescue during my tough times, it is clear that they are not a part of my personal life. I am at a stage, where I know what I want in life and complete privacy is one of them. In fact, I have reached a point where when I get married, people will not even get to know about it. I won’t let it become a public spectacle.”

He adds, “You have watched my show on TV and I make sure to put my best foot forward in every scene even if I am injured or unwell. I don’t give any excuses or compromise on my performance when it comes to my work. But do I come to you to discuss my life, my marriage, bills, or expenses? I don’t. Sometimes, people get too personal by asking me questions regarding my life, which doesn’t even concern them. They become more inquisitive than my own parents. I met someone recently, who started asking me personal questions and I told them clearly that I didn’t owe them any answers. I don’t appreciate it. I have decided that I will not answer or field any questions regarding my personal life. In fact, people who attempt to write about my personal life without my consent will face legal ramifications.”

Vivian Dsena

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Piyu08 2 months ago Then you should quit showbiz nobody ll even remember u ...stone wooden actor look at his arrogance ..
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Money_lover 2 months ago the last time i check, even a Bollywood stars aren't so "private". this privacy chant coming from a person who had a very public relationship/marriage with vahbiz. we have even seen his honeymoon pictures! the guy had so much charm and charisma. I still remember being one of his most ardent fan. even loved every shade of his character RK. yeah, the bad one too. I just don't get that vibe anymore. the charm and charisma, everything has been washed down. words like "legal actions" are harsh. no celebrity uses them against media under dire of the circumstances. be it srk on wankhede or salman on shikara case, no body has threatened media/fans with "legal consequence". I was so sad when i heard about his divorce! just surprised how things have changed over the last few years.
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