Vivek Agnihotri - "The enemies of India will be exposed" on political names mentioned in 'The Vaccine War'

In an exclusive conversation with India Forums, we asked Vivek about political names alleged to work against the vaccine and if they are talked about in the film.

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Vivek Agnihotri

After the humongous success of The Kashmir Files, eyes were on director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri yet again as to what will be his next film, his next subject that is sure to catch the attention of everyone.

And a while ago, it was confirmed that Agnihotri took up the subject of India making the vaccine against COVID-19 but the challenges that came with it among other things.

Titled The Vaccine War, the trailer of the film dropped a while ago and has got everyone interested.

As one would remember, during the controversy surrounding as to if Indian vaccine is as effective as the ones that were made in other countries, a huge conversation took place which included political names like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and others being involved in working against the vaccine. Considering the film promises to showcase the challenges while making and after the vaccine was made, one might wonder if Agnihotri has shown the same in the film.

In an exclusive conversation with us, we asked the man about the aforementioned names and if they are talked about in the film. 

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To this, Vivek answered, "You see there's a reason this film is called The Vaccine 'War' and war means that your life is under attack. During Covid, everyone's life was under attack. We think that the people at the border, who are firing gunshots at the enemies are warriors and they are; but during Covid, the frontline workers, the scientists, the doctors - these people were trying to protect our lives and the sovereignty of our country. At that time, it is very unfortunate that some people were selling India and our lives."

He added, "Can you believe that some people were getting money to promote foreign vaccines and they were trying to sabotage Indian vaccines for their political agenda. The names you took are usual suspects. They are always standing against anything that is in the interest of the country. So obviously, if we are making a film called The Vaccine War, the enemies of India will be exposed but I don't want to take any names."

The film is set to release on 28th September 2023.

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