Vivan elated with a good show in racing...

Vivan Bhatena seems to be one of those extreme types, when it comes to getting an adrenaline rush. What’s more, his passion seems to be paying off…

Published: Monday,Mar 01, 2010 12:59 PM GMT-07:00
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Vivan Bhatena is a self–confessed mush when it comes to car–races. He is totally elated as he is the first runner-up in the Hyderabad car-race that took place on the 26th of last month.

Vivan happily tells us, "I've been racing for the past five to six years. I've always been a racing aficionado. However, initially I didn't have the proper resource. I had all the enthusiasm and skill but lacked a good sports car."

But thankfully, Vivan's resources got a good upgrade. "I got a good car this time. A Honda Civic fully tuned and modified for drag races, and I was declared the first runner-up in the race that was recently held in Hyderabad. You see, I also have my own garage that specializes in enhancing performance for motor sports," he says.

Wait a minute you said drag race? "Yes, its like the car races that you get to see in movies like Fast and Furious," Vivan enthuses.

Huh? Don't tell us it's illegal! "No no, it's all legal. You need to get a proper racing license. There's formal registration and all. It's all very open and clean," Vivan hurriedly explains.

Guess then we all can relax and toast one for Vivan!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

Vivan Bhathena Pyaar Ka Bandhan  Sony TV 

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Aneeka_GS 13 years ago Yes May that definitely was a great stunt!! Shows that Shashank has no limits when it comes to saving his love. =)
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The_May_Rose 13 years ago I just thought, does Vivan do his own car stunts in Pyaar Ka Bandhan. The one I'm talking about is, when Shashank blocks the taxi with his car,when he is chasing Prateeksha.2010-03-22 15:22:02
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-PrinKa- 13 years ago Luv him so much yaarai saw the pics on FB lolz (from the race i no im amazing lolz <3<3<3 luv ya forever vivan!!! may u win every race in ur life and climb to the top
ive just realised that u to are fighting over my vivan and using my name and i havent realised till nw Gauri mummy and Ragz di and mummy u cant have him or his hands cause i will tell daddy and ragz di u could atleat be more nice towards ur hubby (my jeej) lolz as vivan is all mine ad if u take his hands mummy how will he hug me haha :P
2010-03-22 08:14:08
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Aneeka_GS 13 years ago Woohoo Go Vivan!!! Hope you win all the races in your life =P
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Madiha_20 13 years ago thatz soo kool....awww...i love hhim as shankyy thanxx for the articleon him guys...:D
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Monu-SunNaa 13 years ago vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! love him2010-03-04 17:24:47
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-PrinKa- 13 years ago OH come on angel MUMMY!!!!
phirse aapne daamad ke peeche... daddy ko bol dungi lol :) (Mr cullen..I mean daddy mummy mere paati ke haath ke peeche padi hai hahahaha)!!!!
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Neha.Suku 13 years ago hotness personified Embarrassed
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pallavi25 13 years ago I feel like singing: Baazigar O Baazigar, tu hai bada jaadugar....lolz
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Britneyy 13 years ago awww i love himm..i might end up going india just to see him lolz
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