Vishal Singh takes to painting..

Vishal Singh of Kasamh Se fame plans to hold an exhibition very soon which will showcase his paintings....

Vishal Singh has taken to painting in the free time he has got from television.

Painting is actually a passion for the actor. "I started to paint in my college days, and I used to enjoy a lot. Now that I am on a break, I thought of starting it again. My friend Rajat Kantidhar who is a well known painter actually gave me this idea of resuming work with my paint and brush".

Vishal has just completed a painting of Lord Buddha. "When I showed this painting to my friend, he suggested that I make a collection of 30 paintings, all of Lord Buddha. I have already started work on it, and plan to hold an exhibition for the same, exactly on my birthday, 7th September", quips the talented actor.

On the work front, Vishal is looking for a meaty and different role to come his way. "Painting is actually a stress buster, but I will love to explore lot more in acting", he states.

Vishal Singh was last seen in Zee's Kasamh Se.

Well, here is a painter in the making…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (7)

aww..that nice...all the best to him..:)..thanx

14 years ago

Ooooh! <3 Another Artist in Telly! :D <3 Soo many diff creative pplz in our TellyWorld...lyk Mayank Anand and Gauri Pradhan Tejwani! :D <3 Well Gud luck 2 Vishal as i totally adore him...Cant w8 2 c him back on TV...! <3 Would luv 2 c him again w/ Priya as they make such a cute pair! <3

14 years ago

Nice article...I also want him to do some more acting, on TV

14 years ago

Awesome passion... but I miss you in television world... please come back soon....

14 years ago

aaw!! I miss him soooo much .... I hope he comes bak! I luv him alot!

14 years ago

thats a gr88 news
all the best for ur paintings

14 years ago

Yaa....Aamir and Jannat are low budget,so they recovered their costs!!

15 years ago

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