Vishal Singh: People outside can't say Karan-Tejasswi are fake because their equation is different

India Forums got talking to Vishal Singh about his experience on the show, his top 5, who he thinks is right between the Karan-Tejasswi comparisons, etc. Read the conversation here.

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Vishal Singh

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed fake challengers enter the house in the form of Vishal Singh, Surbhi Chandna, Munmum Dutta, and Akanksha Puri. Everyone's entry sure did bring a series of changes in the house and also a change of atmosphere in there. India Forums got talking to Vishal about his experience on the show, his top 5, who he thinks is right between the Karan-Tejasswi comparisons, etc. Read the conversation here.

How was the experience, you've been a follower of the show yourself.

I have been a fan of Bigg Boss for a long time and finally to be a part of this show, I was really excited. I don't have the courage to do the entire show just yet because it gets difficult but I had a lot of fun, when Bigg  Boss called my name for the first time, I got goosebumps.

What is stopping you from being a contestant?

It needs a lot of mental strength and to stay away from your family for so many days, I have stayed abroad but it's not like you can't talk to them or see them and because of FaceTime, you don't feel you're not together. Second, I feel that you have an image of a sweet, happy guy and by mistake you do something that people might start judging you the other way.

Who are your top 5, you have a lot of friends inside too.

For me, my friends are Karan Kundrra, Devoleena and Nishant too. My top 5 include Karan, Devo, Shamita Shetty, Umar Riaz and Rakhi Sawant.

Karan and Tejasswi are often found on different sides, who do you think is right?

I think Karan's game is better and as a person too, and he is my friend too, hence I understand him at a personal level but Tejasswi, I don't know like that and I like her a lot. I feel that the kind of criticism that Karan is receiving, he doesn't deserve that kind of criticism. Tejasswi also does things and they aren't pointed out and Karan's game has come down but somewhere, he is poked.

Everyone's in love, and it seems to have become a Splitsvilla instead.

There were two three love tracks and Ritesh went, otherwise there was a couple too. A lot of people said about Karan- Tejasswi that they are fake but we can't say it from outside because their equation is different and the mindset with which you're inside, it is different. There are a handful of people there and if you like someone inside, it goes 100 times up.

You went inside the house, but you couldn't meet everybody.

I wanted to give a hug to Devo, meet Kundrra and everyone else but we couldn't meet each other and they couldn't see us, only I could. I wish I could've danced to the morning song, I really like it.

Well, fans would sure love to see him as a contestant some time, isn't it?

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if teja and karan are faking this relationship, than it would make sense for them to start "fighting" towards the end so that when they exit the house, they dont have to carry on this facade. just some food for thought...

2 years ago

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