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Virrudh Sisters at War!

Smriti Irani and Anchit kaur are paired up once again against each other. Read on to find out more...


SONY’s Virrudh has lately become the talk of the town with the controversies the show has been going thru. Nevertheless, the intriguing story line and plots has glued the audience to this show from the start. The shows on Indian television, start off with a concept that eventually fades out of the show, leaving the audience lost and confused. However, Virrudh has been the one show that has maintained its uniqueness and held on to the concept right from the start.

The show has focuses on - Revolts in relationships, a revolt that makes you go against the one person you are truly connected to. The story started off as Sushant being against Dhirendra, followed by Vasudha going against the two men she regarded the most - Sushant and Dhirendra. The plot now focuses on Vasudha (Smriti Irani) and Vedika (Anchit Kaur) battling against each other. Due to misunderstandings created by Dhirendra, Vedika develops hatred for her sister, Vasudha. This is not the first time that Smriti and Anchit will be standing head strong against each other. Earlier, Smriti and Anchit played opposite each other in Star’s Kyunki Saas Bahu thi, as Tulsi and Mandira.
We ask Anchit Kaur about her comments of playing negative and get an insight to her character in the show. “My character is not negative. I am not playing Pallavi again! Vedika is a very cynical character, she is not bad at heart. She was an alcoholic, and now that she is coming back to her senses, she is made to belive by her father that the sister who she thought was always there for her, is bad hearted, and she was in illusion before, but she’s back to her senses. Vedika believes that since she was an alcoholic, no one took her seriously, and now she tries to comes to terms with her self, and takes charge of life, she thinks that Vedika is against her, so that is the reason her behaviour has changed so much. I am sure that the day Vedika finds out who’s the real culprit, she’ll be fine.”
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
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Smriti Zubin Irani

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mytri 2007-10-09T12:09:36Z they r true professionals its gud to hear this&will gr8 to see them onscreen
maha786 2007-10-08T17:57:50Z thx for the article cant wait to see them on screen
angels_eyes 2007-10-08T09:46:40Z aslong as they keep it professional there wont be anyproblems
parminder1220 2007-10-04T14:07:43Z I think both of two are good actor & great personality
Too_Much 2007-10-04T04:25:23Z let asih visit the sets phir dekho kya problem hoga
KKSudani 2007-09-06T11:59:25Z Feel sad to see the misunderstanding between the two sisters. My worry is the show should not be like any other tom dick harry type serials. It had a standard and should maintain it.
ammmu 2007-08-31T16:15:19Z I'm so upset Vedika is going against Vasudha now, but atleast there's some hope :) thanks for the article!
second_chances 2007-08-31T12:02:38Z doest mean shes not mandira lol. koking!
mz.jess 2007-08-31T11:59:57Z wow, wow. this show is gr88, & smirti & anchit make it wonderful! thnxx
blyton 2007-08-31T11:57:25Z I love the complexity of Vedika's character, and Achint Kaur steals the show with her fabulous acting.
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