Virat Kohli applauds Anushka Sharma's remarkable journey in life & motherhood: "just the way she's handled.."

In a recent interview with Wrogn, Virat Kohli offered insights into his relationship with Anushka Sharma and how she balances work and life.

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, a dynamic power couple, have consistently captured the hearts of fans with their love story, affectionate social media posts, unwavering support for each other, and more. Recently, Virat Kohli expressed his deep admiration for the way Anushka skillfully balances her career and motherhood. The renowned cricketer also shared valuable lessons he has learned from his talented and multifaceted wife.

In a recent interview with Wrogn, Virat Kohli offered insights into his relationship with Anushka Sharma. He emphasized how they initially met as two individuals and how their journey has naturally evolved to a point where they are growing together as people. Kohli described this process as "amazing" and highlighted the gradual merging of their personalities and identities. This transformative experience was viewed by Kohli as a blessing, emphasizing the continuous effort they put into self-improvement as a couple.

Reflecting on Anushka's remarkable journey into motherhood following the birth of their daughter Vamika, Virat expressed his astonishment and admiration. He acknowledged the immense strength required to become a mother, particularly while witnessing Anushka expertly manage her career alongside motherhood responsibilities. Virat Kohli lauded Anushka's ability to balance both aspects, noting, "Just the way she's handled everything; she shot a whole film in between." Kohli emphasized that witnessing one's life partner embrace motherhood is a profound moment that truly highlights the strength of a woman.

Virat Kohli revealed that he has learned valuable lessons from Anushka Sharma. She has taught him the importance of standing by the truth and holding one's ground, even when faced with disbelief or opposition. He said, "If you know you are standing by the truth, you don't have to worry because the path will carve itself out, and things will always be clean and separated.”

On the professioal front, Anushka Sharma will soon grace the screens with the film 'Chakda Xpress' which will have a direct to digital release on Netflix. 

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