AB de Villiers' U-Turn: Virat Kohli's 2nd child news revealed to be incorrect, says "I had made a big mistake"

Former South African cricket captain AB de Villiers has admitted to making an erroneous statement regarding Indian cricket star Virat Kohli's family plans in a recent interview.

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Virat Kohli,

In a surprising turn of events, former South African cricket captain AB de Villiers has admitted to making an erroneous statement regarding Indian cricket star Virat Kohli's family plans. Initially, on his YouTube channel, de Villiers had disclosed that Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma, were expecting their second child, attributing Kohli's absence from the current Test matches to family commitments. 

However, de Villiers has now backtracked on his earlier revelation, conceding that the information was inaccurate and expressing regret over the misunderstanding. Speaking to Dainik Bhaskar during the SA20, de Villiers clarified his stance, emphasizing the importance of family and expressing his support for Kohli's decision to prioritize his personal life.

Di Villers said, "Family comes first and then Cricket. I had made a big mistake on my YouTube channel. That information was wrong and not true at all. Virat has every right to take a break from national duties due to family reasons. I think whatever's best for Virat's family, comes first. No one knows what's happening there, all I can do is wish him well. Whatever the reason for his break, I hope he can come back stronger, better and fresh from this."

The revelation by de Villiers had initially added a layer of certainty to Kohli's absence from the Test matches, with fans and media speculating on the reasons behind the star cricketer's withdrawal. Kohli's sudden departure from the series had left the cricketing world puzzled, especially given his close relationship with de Villiers, who is known to be privy to personal matters such as this.


The Indian cricket team's skipper had initially landed in Hyderabad before the commencement of the first Test but flew back on the same day, citing personal reasons. While it was anticipated that he would rejoin the team for the third Test, recent reports suggest that Kohli may continue to remain unavailable for the upcoming matches, although no official confirmation has been issued.

As speculation continues to swirl around Kohli's absence, cricket fans eagerly await further updates on the star player's return to the field. In the meantime, the cricketing fraternity stands united in extending support and understanding to Kohli and his family during this time.

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