Vipra Rawal back on television..

Actress Vipra is excited about her two new projects on television, Bikhray Pal on 9X and Mitwa on Star Plus...

Vipra Rawal earlier seen in 9X' Dahhej as the lead girl Aneesha Kapoor's bhabhi is now looking forward to not one but two shows. She plays the lead character of Ritu  in 9X new romantic show, Bikhray Pal and one of the bahu's in the Star Plus social, Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke.

Talking about the former which started this week, Vipra says "It's a 15 minutes show which has only two characters i.e. Amit(Amit Bhalla) and me reading letters. We essay childhood lovers, who get separated. I could never tell him that I love him and silently get married to the guy my parents chose for me. Sadly my husband does not love me, and years later, Amit contacts me again via letters and slowly we come to know that we passionately love each other. This communication is the only form of happiness which I have in my otherwise sad life".

Talking about the title, she says "Bikhray Pal reflects how Ritu and Amit are trying to relive those precious moments, which they had lost".

She further adds, "The emotions of the letters (Friendship, love and trust ) will keep everybody spell bound. The romantic poetry on display is a class by itself".

Coming to Mitwa which launches on 27th May, Vipra says "I play Dev Lata, the second bahu of the Chaudhary family. She is a very sweet girl who is very unhappy as she can't conceive, but tries her best to spread happiness all around. I would call her the Meena Kumari of Mitwa  Phool".
Vipra has no complaints against 9X even though Dahhej shut down pretty quickly. "We shared a very good working relationship. In fact, I was honored working for this channel, hence we are back together".

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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oh ov luck 2 her 4 both d showss

14 years ago

hey dats so sweet .hope amit ull to boost us aise hi wen we ever meet u he he he lolz :) :) :) :)

15 years ago

ohh he is soooooooo cuteeeee I really hope this movies does well:D

15 years ago

Awwww he was so nervous...but I m sure he s gonna rock in the movie...all the best to him!!!!

15 years ago

thanks soo much....hope AV rocks here too.

15 years ago

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