Vinod Kambli involved in Hit and Run!!!

Cricketer Vinod Kambli's life takes a turn as he is charged for a hit-and run case...

This time one of our Chaalbaaz bowls cricketer-actor Vinod Kambli out on Champion Chaalbaaz No 1 as part of the celebrity prank.

A lady (our Chaalbaaz) barges into Vinod Kambli's residence with police and accuses him for hit and run case. A shocked Vinod refuses to accept the allegations and tried hard to explain his innocence but in vain. The police showed him the search warrant and started checking his vehicle. On checking his car the police find proof of blood stains and a bottle of liquor and begin to question him. A clueless and worried Vinod didn't know what was hitting him! The police start roughening him and charge him not only for hitting the lady and running away from the spot but also drunken driving.

Vinod argues with the police that he was not involved in the accident, but the police didn't hear his appeal and threaten to take him to the police station. When Vinod started fumbling and was at the loss of words the Chaalbazi was revealed!

The relief could be well seen on Kambli's face!

Catch this week's celebrity prank on Vinod Kambli this Saturday, February 16 on Champion Chaalbaaz No 1 only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Vinod Kambli

Comments (2)

Pranks upto a limit is fine this time they went too far.

16 years ago

Wow... that is some prank! I would have a heart-attack!

16 years ago

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