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Vineet Bangera: I left SSmilly (Suri) because there were too many things about her that were hidden from me!

He further added, " She battled her issues and I battled my own issues. Our law happens to support women a lot than it supports the men."


Actress Ssmilly Suri who started her career with her brother and popular filmmaker Mohit Suri’s film Kalyug opposite Kunal Khemmu has been away from the screen for quite some time, however she is making headlines with her recent interview over her divorce with known choreographer Vineet Bangera and the toughest phase of her life. 

The couple who got married back in 2014, unfortunately got separated in 2016 and finally got divorced three months back, on 26th June. In an exclusive interview with Bombay Times, the actress opened up on her troubled marriage, the tough phase of her life and how she is in a happy place now and wants to start afresh on both personal and professional front. 

We got in touch with her ex beau Vineet Bangera, who narrated his side of the story exclusively with us. 

Sharing with us he said, “When a couple goes through divorce, both of them suffer equally, not just Ssmilly, but I too have suffered a lot. It was difficult for both of us and more so for me as I had to move in with my parents after our separation and had to give up my house. It was tough for me because I was struggling to build my career and also went through mental trauma because of the separation. For now, yes we both are in a happy place.”

Ssmilly and Vineet bonded over their love for dance but that was not the only reason they fell in love with each other. While their common love for dance brought them closer, the two spent a lot of time outside of his dance academy. 

Further speaking about their failed marriage and the reason why they got separated, Vineet said, “We got separated in 2016 because it was impossible to stay together under one roof. I left because I had no other choice as there were too many things about her that were hidden from me, certain things about her personality and her behavior which I did not know beforehand. It was a matter of concern and security that I had to leave the house at one point on the advice of her family members.” 

After they got separated, they met a couple of times before heading towards a divorce. The couple tried to talk it out, but things had gone down too far down for them to get back together. The couple mutually decided to call it quits. Ssmilly, in her interview had said that during separation, she suffered through anxiety issues and mental breakdowns after separation. Not just her family and friends but Vineet too helped her out and took her to therapy. 

Vineet further adds to it, As a matter of fact she always had those issues and they were actually one of the many reasons why it was difficult for us to reconcile our love. She battled her issues and I battled my own issues. Our law happens to support women a lot than it supports the men. Even if the men are not wrong, the law always favors the women. So it was difficult for me to even step out of my house and meet people during that time.

The two got divorced three months back and according to their terms they agreed not being part of any media interactions over the case. Just like Ssmilly, Vineet too has moved on in his life and has no hard feelings after divorce.  


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