Vijay Varma's turning point: How a Rs 3000 role almost derailed his journey

Vijay Varma recently opened up on the only time when he accepted a role for money.

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Vijay Varma

Vijay Varma, known for his roles from the compelling Murad in Gully Boy to the intense Anand Swarnakar in Dahaad, has carved a unique niche in Hindi cinema. In a recent conversation with Galatta Plus, the actor candidly reflected on a pivotal moment in his career, highlighting the impact of financial constraints that led him to accept a role incongruent with his artistic aspirations, ultimately resulting in his exit from the project.

Opening up about the challenges he faced, Vijay Varma emphasized that, for him, the priority has always been the quality of the role. Recalling a tough period, he shared a time when he hit rock bottom financially, with a mere Rs 18 in his bank account. During this trying phase, he received an offer for a small reporter's role, a one-day job with a payment of Rs 3000. 

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Despite his reluctance towards such a role, he decided to take it due to financial constraints. As he commenced shooting, it became evident that his heart and conviction were not fully committed, resulting in a subpar performance with fumbling during takes.

Adding to the challenge, the dialogues were in English, making it challenging for him to portray the role of an English reporter, leading to his dismissal from the set.

"I had finished Monsoon Shootout by that time, so I had played a lead by then, but I went through that experience and I was crying on my way back, I told myself that I will never take up anything for money. This happened in 2014 and I haven’t done anything for money since then," he remarked.

Talking of his upcoming projects, he will soon be seen in Afghaani Snow and Murder Mubarak.

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