Vidya Malavade on response to Mismatched: This feels like Chak De 2.0 to me

Vidya Malavade is seen as Zeenat in the much loved Netflix series Mismatched. We got in touch with her for an exclusive conversation and here's what she has to say.

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Vidya Malavade

Mismatched on Netflix release a couple of days ago and it continues to be creating quite the buzz, courtesy the beautifully written story and the well-woven characters. It features an amazing cast of Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Koli, Raanvijay Singh, and Vidya Malavade, among others. The story revolves around college but also brings to life many other flavours.

We got in touch with Vidya aka Zeenat, who plays an interesting character on the show and has received a lot of love from everyone. Read excerpts from the interview here.

Tell us about the response you have received for the show, and your character in particular.

I think I am basking in all the love that everyone is sending our way. Just want to thank everyone, this feels like Chak De 2.0 to me. I think, more importantly, the series, everyone has loved, they've loved all the characters in the series and my character is getting all the love from everywhere because people are identifying with her, she is so real. With the kind of things people have written for Zeenat, it's been very overwhelming, I have had tears in my eyes reading what people have written for me. Someone wrote, 'I think Zeenat was an amazing and a well-written character and Vidya has done a phenomenal job at it. Zeenat is the essence without which the dish called Mismatched wouldn't have tasted as well as it does now.' I know everybody is absolutely brilliant if not more, there is some person you may be connect with a little better.

The show has something for everyone, and with such varied characters, tell us your take on it. How was it like on the sets for you?

Beautifully weaved together by the team, they've just written such a beautiful story. I think the best thing about the series and why it has appealed to everybody is because of the simplicity of it all, given it is so uncomplicated and so real. Secondly, it's tight, it's short, and it's precise and everybody did a good job at what they were supposed to do. You can't keep one perosn out and say only this person did good, everyone has brought something to the table and given so much, so much. In terms of Zeenat, because it is an adaptation from a book, the book didn't have her as a character at all and Gazal created this character and then have me on board, so credits to the writer. It did not feel like just a chick flick or a college flick because there were these additions, the writers have thought of, not just ny character, but other things also. If you talk in the millennial language today, anybody who is 30-35 is going to be like 'what, what are they talking about'. I was clueless most of the time as to what were they talking about and because I am a senior, they used to explain things to me.

What was your thought process into saying yes to the show and understanding the character?

I had already called for the script and I remember I read it in one go, I finished it in one night and when I came to the fourth episode, where there is a party at my house, I finished reading that episode and I was like I have to do this because she is just the most amazing thing ever and I was already wondering what can I do with the character. When I finished reading the script, I always have pointers for myself, the characteristics I want to bring to it, and I felt that with this person, a few things that need to come out is that she is very warm and endearing and even when she is the eldest one amongst them, she needs to show her innocence, and the underlying strength of somebody, even the guts it takes for a small town girl at this age to follow her dream and work towwrds it, that is soemthing that needs to come through, even if it was in bitd and parts and im glad these are the things that people are talking about that I thought of?

Some felt angry at the ending since they didn't get any closure and left on a cliffhanger. Tell us your views about that?

Do you think you get closures for everything, no you don't and there are things that happen when you are like 'what', I've just been thrown into soemthing else, but we are all going to deal with it right, and that's how life is, that's how mismatched is. Also, it's 'mis'matched, so let's just hope things go well and we'll see whatever happens. No guarantees here you know, whether there will be a season 2, whether there will be a good ending, whether they are happy, or what happens to anyone else, who knows!

What would you see as an ideal ending for Zeenat as a third person/viewer?

I feel that she should be able to make a mark for herself in the field that she has chosen and to get success in life. It would be great to have real love in life as well, that would be just most ideal, but I would feel that her standing on her own feet will give her more freedom in the head, and freedom in the mind is more important for her. For Zeenat, she should have something to be proud of and nurture a dream she has wanted to achieve since childhood.

Mismatched has 6 episodes that are short and while one does not know when, fans have sure been hoping for a second season to know more of what unfolds!

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