Veteran actor Sudhaa Chandran shares the biggest challenge while shooting for COLORS’ ‘Doree’ in Varanasi

Sudha Chandran opens up about the challenges she faced for shooting for her show 'Doree' in Varanasi.

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Sudha Chandran

COLORS’ recently launched show ‘Doree’ has garnered immense love from the viewers for its thought-provoking storyline and the audiences cannot stop raving about Sudhaa’s impeccable portrayal of a dominating matriarch on the show. Embodying such a strong character has its share of challenges for the veteran actor. For an important scene of the show shot in Varanasi, she had to take a dip in the Ganges. As someone who has had a massive fear of drowning her entire life, performing the said scene was a huge challenge. She remarks that the holy aura of Varanasi and the determination to enliven a great story on television kept her going. 

Talking about the sequence, Sudhaa Chandran shares, “Varanasi holds a very special place in my heart. While I’ve visited the city multiple times, but the experience of shooting for Doree made it quite memorable. When the creative team narrated that for a particular scene, I had to take a dip in the Ganges, I was immediately triggered by a terrifying incident; years ago, I had stepped into a water body and suddenly, I slipped and couldn't manage to find a foothold. I was screaming for help and thankfully I was rescued in time since then the incident has underlined the fear of drowning in my head. So, I had my inhibitions while shooting in the Ganges for Doree and the uncertainty of the water's density, flow, and depth added to my anxiety. I am grateful that the Doree team was very supportive, and that all the protective measures were in place. It is believed that Ganga snaan purifies the body and the soul. I’m blessed to have had that spiritual experience and overcome my fear thanks to the holy aura of Varanasi.”

In the current storyline of the show, Doree and Ganga Prasad (played by Amar Upadhyay) are cornered by the weavers for their opposition to Anand Thakur, Kailashi Dev’s son. Inspector Bhairavi arrests Anand which enrages Kailashi Devi. How will the matriarch exact revenge on Doree?

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