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Vandana Sajnani's play Perfect wedding at St Andrew's Auditorium

Vandana Sajnani's play 'Perfect wedding' at St Andrew's Auditorium.

Vandana Sajnani's play 'Perfect wedding' at St Andrew's Auditorium.


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maha786 12 years ago i cant understand y is salman alone suffering i mean there were other ppl also involved just bcoz he is a celebrity this stupid case is been put on him there r so many ppl who hunt these deers and other animals on a regular basis but they dont get caught its just tht salman is an actor he is been punished for his popularity he shd b freed frm this ridiculous case
Mrs.SalmanKhan 12 years ago This is completely BOGUS !
I agree wid shellyB .. people get away withall sorts of stuff .. and salman ? all he did was hunt a deer .. and its not like he would`ve caught it ^-^ like wtf this is such a stupid case .. he deserves to be bailed out !
Just `cause he`s a celeb .. he gets all this suffering?
effin ..

thnks for the article .
ShellyB 12 years ago OMG people in India get away with murder, rape n more heinous crimes but 4 so called hunting a black deer celeb's get 5yrs with no hard evidence or credible witnesses vah vah well done justice system of india tussi toh gr8 ho NOT!!!!
Kim_ 12 years ago I agree with chintzz
salman is facing racial discrimination.
indian penal court is sick
5 years for hunting a deer...
do you think it's easy to hunt down a deer, you know how fast a deer runs, not even a best hunter can easily hunt deer... and salman he obviously can never do it... and it's been proven in one of the hearing that the witness was lier...

and one more thing, Salman Khan is no threat to society he deserves to be bailed out right away...

hunting a deer what a funny case
chintzz 12 years ago indian court is bit wierd ....he has been jailed for such a stupid reason..just for killing a black dear 5 yrs jail... joka....y don they arrest people who are involved in terror activities....people in india who all are salman fans should protest against these ...plzz help sallu...he finest actor of india and also helps needy poeple all the time ...hez life has gone worst the day ash came and ruined his life ..people plz help sallu
Fashion_2005 12 years ago That's so stupid, why judge isn't hearing salman's bail plea??
angels_eyes 12 years ago the jude should atleast listing to thim and then decide
basanti_diya 12 years ago hey i hate the judges i think they love sallu but we dont' care we want him so levae him i m waiting and why sallu always
sallu_lover 12 years ago omg im about to kill someone y always my salman khan
komalash 12 years ago I think they want him to stay in jail for sum more time..thats y doing all this...
But I knw he'll be out soon...!
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