Vaishnavi's Agnipariksha in 'Mata Ki Chowki'..

Vaishnavi questions Mata to know her purpose in life, faces Agnipariksha from five Gods to trace the reason of her existence in Sahara One's Mata Ki Chowki..

Vaishno Mata's ardent devotee, Vaishnavi (Muskaan Arora) once again yearns for a blissful marital life with her husband Vansh as his 'ARDHANGINI' after successfully bringing back her dead husband alive from the clutches of the Lord of death.

But seeing the miracle of his bahu bringing back her dead husband alive, her father-in-law Sheelkumar's belief in her as no ordinary human being. He completely trusts the fact that Vaishnavi is a blessed child of Mata with extraordinary powers that goes beyond the realm of common man. Sheelkumar exploits this to his advantage as he deviously propagates this amongst the common man, and in no time Vaishnavi is flocked with thousands of people across for her darshan. Seeing his tactics working Sheelkumar cleverly declares Vaishnavi as 'SUHAGINI DEVI'.

Vaishnavi is totally against this misguiding campaign started by Sheelkumar, but fails to stop it. She is forced to spend most of her time amongst the people and mata's jagratas, and her dream of spending blissful marital life with her husband Vansh once again starts getting elusive. Vaishnavi is torn between her husband and her father-in-law, Sheelkumar. 

A shattered Vaishnavi breaks down in front of Mata Rani as she reasons her about her sufferings. Mata Rani tells her that she is married in this house for a purpose, but it is for her to find this purpose of her life. Mata advices her to seek blessings from the five Gods, viz Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Ganesh and Agni dev who can help her in finding the purpose of her life. As per Mata's advice when Vaishnavi meets each of the five Gods, she realizes that it is not so easy to know from them the reason of her purpose in life. She will have to face daunting tasks that each of the Gods give her but a resolute Vaishnavi accepts to face this agnipariksha to know her life's purpose…

Will Vaishnavi be able to face the challenges thrown at her by the 5 gods to find the purpose of her life?

Watch MATA KI CHOWKI, which will be aired from Monday to Sunday from April 13th, at 10.30 PM only on Sahara One Television..

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Jai mata Rani . . , . . Show was awesme . Jai mata Di.

9 years ago

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