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Uttaran title in danger..

The verdict seems to be out, and as per the court's judgment, Uttaran the show on COLORS will have to go thro' a title change... Read to know more..

Published: Thursday,Feb 19, 2009 17:21 PM GMT-07:00
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The title of Uttaran, the show on COLORS is in danger now!! As we know, Ashok Mudgal, a Writer by profession had filed a case even before the launch of 'Uttaran' stating that he owned legal rights for the same title. He had then further stated that he had registered the show concept for a film and a TV show as well, but was then only seeking a stay on the title of the TV show.

Although Mr. Mudgal had then failed to get a stay on title when the show launched, the latest development is that "The learned judge has finally ruled the case in his favor. But they have given the channel and Production House, Film Farm a day's time to change the title", quotes Mudgal to Telly Buzz.

But Producer Pintoo Guha of Film Farm stated, "Well the final hearing is still pending. On Friday, things will get clear. Only after that I can give you some clear picture on what is happening".

Another little birdie from the channel chirps, "Well even we have heard this. Things are in process for change in title. All will get clear by Friday".

Mr. Mudgal further says that once the title gets changed, he will also seek a stay on the telecast of the show. "Now I will try to sell my above show rights to other channels".  He also adds that the COLORS story is now coming close to his concept.

Asked if a middle ground can be reached with the channel, Mudgal quips, "Well I will first have to be paid 2.5 crores, the money I invested in the film of the same title as well as for the four TV show episodes that I have already made".

When we contacted COLORS, they said they are still in the process of framing a response.

Uttaran focuses on a young girl's journey through life and a mother-daughter relationship. It's the story Iccha and her dreams. This little girl is unaware of the meaning of Uttaran and finds her happiness in many such small things.

Let's see What's in store for Uttaran now!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi, Anil Merani

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leavesandwaves 13 years ago Just like Ghajini case. They can change the title to Ichcha Ka Uttaran or something like that. Or with the same cast, they can air a different serial as the viewers are in love with the cast. What is in a name? A rose smells as sweet with any other name.
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CarulinaTina 13 years ago Uttaran means hand-me-down.

I dont think any other title could suit this show better, and its really going to be hard work for the production house to shoot a new title song and come up with a new title all in one day. Its so unfair, this is just a case of sour grapes. Why didnt he do this earlier, why only now when the show has reached #2 in TRPs?? Obv he wants to cash in on their success... and he is taking advantage of them cuz they are a new production house, etc.
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mariaoo 13 years ago sorry but what is d meaning of uttaran??
im a tamilian
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sami01 13 years ago well colors channel can pay the gentleman if its his original concept then he deserves the credit and title ,shwo is draggy anyways it has beautiful concept though,so he deserves whats his..
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mehak.S 13 years ago uttaran is v gud title for teh show bt ya iccha as title is also nt bad
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Aarohi.. 13 years ago what is wrong in the title
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shruti 13 years ago Uttaran is the perfect title for the show!!
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ROFLOL 13 years ago OO!!!! thats bad!! yeah i too think icha would be the perfect title!!!
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anishma24 13 years ago oh this is so sad! new title could be ICCHA
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