Urmi fights back and takes a stand against eve teasers!

Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV will soon witness an interesting track of eve teasing wherein Urmi will fight against the eve teasers!

As we all know the popular show on Zee TV, Doli Armano Ki is a story of a small town girl Urmi (Neha Marda) who unlike other girls has a dream of getting a perfect husband and a loving sasural. Soon she gets married to Samrat Singh Rathore (Mohit Malik) but soon her hopes and dreams are shattered. Thus the ongoing track is projecting a journey of a bride in her in law's house and her struggle to make her place in the new family.

Doli Armaanon Ki is a women centric show and thus it is coming up with an issue of eve teasing. As per our source the upcoming track will deal with the case of eve teasing, "It will be shown that Urmi will meet Samrat's sister Aditi for the first time in a mall and during this meeting, some men at the mall will try to tease Aditi. Urmi will try to save Aditi and will call the police. Police will come at the spot and will arrest the eve teasers."

The story doesn't end here and soon there will be a court room session, adds our source, "Urmi will appear as the witness in the court and speak about the incidence. But a politician will try to save the accusers with his political will power since one of teaser might be his relative. This will make Urmi furious and she will decide to fight back to take a stand against eve teasing. She will support her case according to the campaign power of 49 (Empowering Women Voters) wherein women constitute 49 % of the vote bank and they can break politicians and government. Thus she will make a statement that "Hum sirf bahu nai bahumat hai!"

It will be interesting to see whether the court will decide in her favor and will the teasers be punished or will they be released due to political pressure!

All in all an interesting track which will witness the empowerment of women is coming up in Doli Armano Ki!



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nidhishree308 6 years ago I like the show..Mohit malik rocks..love samur..
Chris_rulz 6 years ago She can't standup in her own family what is she doing public service for...soo unbelievable. ...
Popular show!! This journalist needs to check their facts ...its not even in top 102014-02-24 21:27:31
zoha11 6 years ago Love this show nd love moha..love ssmur...
iPerfection 6 years ago Awesome serial. The character of Samrat is very very close to someone I know. For me this serial is based on real life story I just hope they dont drag it by bringen bad twist and turns. Just keep it smoothy and make Urmi a strong women. She will become an example for every women if the makers are serious about this show! Currently this is the only serial I am addicted too, I wanna keep this till the end. Don't ruine it.
Shaina_b 6 years ago This show is boring!!!!!

Urmi has no backbone and how come suddenly she is shown like this??Just to make a point??Silly!!!!

suresh555 6 years ago Sounds funny to me because so far the way CVs are showing Urmi, she has no back bone and is taking a lot of cr*p from her husband and unable to see through her MIL's nautanki. If Sammy darling had a biggg issue about his niece born in a temple, imagine his fury if his wife (a better word would be property) were to be involved in a prominent court case. They need to first fix Sammy and Mommy before all this (I highly doubt if they can redeem Sammy though)
girlTalks 6 years ago I really hope some day (which has to be very very soon, my patience levels are exhausting) she stands up against samraat and gives him back.Can't see him treating like s* any more.
angelic.pari 6 years ago love neha Big smile Heart and mohit is so fabulous with his acting... such ppl exit Wacko and mohit plays it so so well.. i hope ishan comes back soon
show is so good Smile
mizzneetu 6 years ago Finally something better than just showing Samrat mistreating her.
MeeraHK 6 years ago Hope Cv's execute this track properly..and make sure Urmi is shown speaking...and she is shown having a back bone...
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