TV stars to shine in Politics this year!

After becoming household names as TV stars they are now ready to contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

Elections are round the corner and we have quite a few TV stars ready to take the plunge into fighting the battle for votes. While some of them have been real workers there are others in the fray who have been roped in for their celeb status while some others are present for their controversial personalities.

As we take a look at TV personalities who are contesting for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, appealing for votes we also realize that there are very many who have been part of the Bigg Boss house which seems to have toughened their stand not to forget that even in the Bigg Boss house they have been used to voting in various forms every week.

So, here's a look -

Smriti Zubin Irani - From being a model to the most loved bahu on Indian Television with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Smriti joined the Bhartiya Janta Party in 2003. Even as she continued working in serials like Ramayan, Thodi Si Zameen Thoda Sa Aasmaan and Virrudh along with producing shows too, Smriti worked her way up the party ladder. In 2011, she became a Member of Parliament and as the President of the All India Women's wing of BJP she has worked for the betterment of women and tackled sensitive women related issues. In this election she is positioned as a strong candidate against Rahul Gandhi from Congress in Amethi.Kirron Kher - The lovely Kirron Kher flashing her dimples is a popular film personality who has made her mark on Indian Television too. She has been the judge of India's Got Talent Season 5 on Colors for all the five seasons and is now set to woo the Indian janta as she gets set to contest the elections from Chandigarh, her hometown. Kirron who joined the Bhartiya Janta Party in 2009 has been working and campaigning for the party since then. She will be seen contesting against MP Pawan Bansal from Congress and another dimpled celeb, Gul Panag from the Aam Aadmi Party.

Javed Jaffrey - This actor with a flair for comedy has so far managed to win many laughs and is now ready to win votes as he contests against BJP's heavyweight President Rajnath Singh. This actor turned politician who has his own production house which is doing quite well is new to politics and claims to have joined the Aam Aadmi Party to remove shortcomings of the system.

The Bigg Boss brigade -

Ravi Kissen - Popular actor in Hindi and Bhojpuri films, Ravi Kissen will make his electoral debut as a Congress candidate from his hometown Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. Ravi Kishen has also been a Television personality having participated in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 - Dancing with the stars and Bigg Boss Season 1 and had added his own Bhojpuri touch to the show.

Manoj Tiwari - Another Bhojpuri star, Manoj Tiwari who has been actively involved in politics for some time now had earlier too contested the elections in 2009 representing the Samajwadi Party. In this elections, as a candidate from the BJP, he will contest the elections from North Delhi. Manoj Tiwari who has a huge fan following as a Bhojpuri star was also seen on Indian Television as a Bigg Boss 4 participant. He had quite a colorful innings in the show wherein he was seen to be friendly with co-participant Shweta Tiwari which also led to strained relations and divorce with his wife .

Kamal R Khan - A total attention seeker, he likes to call himself as KRK and is a self-acclaimed critic who gives his opinions on all films and has earned the wrath of the entertainment industry for his harsh and colorful lashings on various social media networking sites. Even his stay in the Bigg Boss house in Season 3 was controversial. He became the first contestant to be prematurely kicked out of the Bigg Boss house due to his violent behavior towards the other house mates. Now his entry in politics too is not smooth as he quit the Samajwadi party which he had joined due to differences between with the party leadership. Now he has declared that he will be contesting as an independent candidate from Mumbai's North West constituency where he will be pitted against prominent names like Priya Dutt from Congress, Poonam Mahajan from BJP and the ever controversial Rakhi Sawant.Rakhi Sawant - If anyone can give tough competition to KRK in the controversy department it has to be the fiery and feisty Rakhi Sawant. They both are already involved in a war on a social networking site as they exchange harsh words against each other.This item girl who rose to fame with her entry in Bigg Boss Season 1 is not new to being in news for all the wrong reasons. Rakhi who claims to be very much involved in social activities has taken the plunge this elections as an independent candidate from Mumbai's North West constituency and going by her image she has chosen an appropriate symbol (Green Chilly) too for herself!

So gear up for quite a colorful and entertaining elections round the corner.

Seema Khot Mattoo

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Abki baar Modi Sarkaar
I'll Support Smriti Irani ...
KRK & Rakhi Sawant in.politics dat a joke :P

9 years ago

smriti irani is my all time favorite and i will support her not bcoz she is my fav tv actress but the way she came out and showed us thateven a small housewife have the right to rule the nation and they can very nicely handle it .i support BJP waiting for a secure and beautiful future where girls can move out freely youth gets jobs and corruption will b less

9 years ago

If a celebrity has been involved in politics for some times and has gained some knowledge or understanding of the responsibilities involved, then it's great if they contest for seats. But, if they are running only based upon their name without any experience, then they have no business running for an office. If they want to campaign for someone, then it's okay because they are entitled to share their opinions, but they have no business in running for office itself.

I find the involvement of most actors in politics pretty disgusting (referring to the ones with no experience or knowledge) since many of them have shown over and over again how ignorant they are of social and economic conditions in India outside of Mumbai. They live in such insulated and pampered lives that they have a total disconnect with reality and what the average person in India has to deal with in their every day lives.

9 years ago

politics is turning to be a kids game why to enter the sector which you are totally blind of its position power and responsibility. rakhi sawanth and krk wow whats gonna happen to indian politics...

9 years ago

We will surely support MODI & BJP candidates

Congress NO chance this time

AAP is out of subject - the way they quote DELHI for to get more seats in country , Kejriwal cleared his all respects

It's better to go nation in strong hands of Modi

Because he speaks ...Highly speaks & Nation is silent from last 10 years by Manmohanji

We want change in system

I am from Gujarat & I know how life is easy & happy here due to progress by Modi sarkar

9 years ago

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