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TV stars talk about hygiene and ways to remain fit on World Health Day!

As maintaining our health has become our utmost priority in today’s fast paced life, here are few TV actors sharing some valuable tips regarding health and hygiene on the occasion of World Health Day.


Health is said to be the most important aspect of our life. A healthy person is said to be a wealthy person. If a person is healthy then he is physically as well as mentally prepared to do any kind of activities. As we celebrate World Health Day, we quizzed few TV actors to know more about what measure they take to maintain their health and keep the city clean and green.

Let's find out what they have said.

Gautam Rode seen as Saras in Saraswatichandra on Star Plus - "For me health come first. It is my priority above all the activities. I maintain my health as well as my family's health by advising them to eat right and proper food and secondly I have done a health insurance for my family because it's very important in today's time.

Next I would like to give suggestion to the every individual that you must make efforts to keep your city clean. At least one can do this by not throwing garbage or plastic bags on the roads. Try to use dustbins. This effort will contribute a lot to keep our city clean. Lastly I would give tips to my audience to keep themselves healthy by eating right, by inculcating good habits. Try to involve yourself in physical activities like doing work out or play various kinds of sports or any other physical activity as this will help to to remain fit and healthy."

Neha Sargam who is seen as Aditi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir on Star Plus - "Health is everything for me. It is rightly said health is wealth because if you are not healthy you won't be able to work properly you won't be able to concentrate on your work. You must love your body and in return it will love you. You must always take care of your body. Your metabolism activities which happen in your body help you to remain fit and healthy. I am very health conscious so even at my home I am very strict in terms of my family's food habit. Every morning me and my father fight with each other because I give him Green tea to drink and he doesn't want to drink the Green tea instead he wants his normal chai. But I don't let him drink the normal tea. My father is a great lover of ghee, potatoes and fatty stuff and we have a fight over that also. I don't let him eat fatty food instead give him healthy food. So at our home the biggest reason for the fight is my father's food choices and Green tea which is the biggest enemy for my father but still I make sure that he follows my instructions.

Next if I have get an opportunity to bring a change to make my city clean then I would like to change the mentality of the people. People throw garbage and litter at public places without bothering that it belongs to them also. If you believe in keeping your houses clean then why not roads and public places. Even on the sets or if we go to any other beautiful location, I hate it when people litter. Lastly I will suggest my audience to drink lots of water. Try to drink more of liquids as compared to solid food items and keep healthy and stay fit. I want to tell that those who starve just to get thin must not starve at all as that's really bad for your health. Eat right and healthy food. Take care of yourself."

Gaurav S Bajaj who is seen as Rajbeer in Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai on Life OK - "Health is a primary factor for me. Health is everything because it's important to be healthy and staying fit works efficiently. One should be active rather than being lazy. I make sure that environment around my house is clean so that it doesn't affect me and my family with filthy environment. I make sure all my family members and I myself drink lots of water, juices, doesn't sit in the air conditioner immediately after an outing because it really affects your body as the climate is very hot. There are many small things which I suggest not only to my family but to the other people also. These things seem to be very small but mean a lot. When I go for my shoot I carry odomos, mosquito coils and even All-Out because you never know how the location will be. Most of the time it happens that when you open your make-up room mosquitoes enters the room. So I am always prepared with everything. When we are shooting outdoor in sun then I tie a scarf or a hanky over my face when I am not shooting to protect myself from the sun. No doubt my friends tease me that you are behaving like a girl I don't bother about them as I am more bothered about my health.

I would like to appeal to the government that they should make more and more public toilets even on the highways because I personally face so much of problem. My traveling time is approximately an hour to reach on the set and since there are no public toilets on the highways I have to face difficulty at times whenever the situation is out of control. Similar things happen with others also. So to avoid such kind of pollution there should be more public toilets facilities.

And secondly there should me more greenery for a healthy environment.  I would like to say to my fans that drink lots and lots of water and eat fruits. Water will help you to flush out all the intoxicants out from your body and will clean your body from inside. Water will help you to maintain your body temperature as it is very hot summer. Secondly remove at least 30 to 44 minutes from you busy schedule for your body. If you don't go to gym then at least make sure that you go for a walk or jog. I myself don't go to gym but I jog, I do lots of cycling to maintain my fitness."

Divyanka Tripathy who is seen as Ishita in Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus- "It's a clich saying that health is wealth and I believe with the above saying. If you are healthy your energy level will be high, you will be active - physically as well as mentally. You will be able to work properly and mainly you will be valued for you healthy personality. You won't be a burden for your family as a healthy person usually remains fit and don't fall sick easily. I try to do exercise everyday day specially cardio. When I am shooting mostly I am standing or sitting so there is not much physical activity so I make sure I do cardio and also stretching. I also try to eat proper meal; I make sure that I eat light meals after every four hours. Those who starve to get thin must not do so. Eat light food but don't keep yourself hungry. They must drink lots of water and eat right which helps to make skin and yourself look healthy. Even my parents who stay in a very beautiful and clean city Bhopal, they go on a morning walk every day and also play badminton. Now at this age my mother is learning kathak and bharatnatyam (smiles) and my father has now started taking interest in dieting. He keeps calling me and asks how to make this oat meal, don't you feel hungry in the night and so on (laugh). I have made a diet chart for him. He goes to shop and skip his meal so I have asked my mom to always give him something like a fruit or sprouts etc. as today is a World Health Day.

I would like to tell my audience that whenever you eat or drink something; please try to put the left over or the garbage in the proper bin. It is not only people's fault because there are no bins around to dispose our garbage. Thus government should make proper bins available so that the roads and public places are not made clumsy and dirty. People should also avoid spitting on the road and most importantly people should generate civic sense in them to keep their city clean and make our country clean and healthy. I want to tell my audience that drink lots and lots of water as it actually detoxifies your body, it maintains your body pressure and ultimately you become healthy. Before I end I want to say that stop drinking (alcohol) and start drinking water."


TellyBuzz wishes our readers a very happy World Health Day.





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