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TV celebs and their inclination towards Foreign TV shows!

We all love watching foreign TV shows, so we got in touch with few actors to know their love for foreign TV shows.

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Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Two And A Half Men we all have one favorite foreign TV show among these. Many actors prefer watching foreign based shows instead of Indian based shows, so we got in touch with few actors who like watching foreign TV shows.

Arjun Bijlani who was last seen in SAB TV's show Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar says - "I like watching foreign TV shows like Green Acre as they come up with innovative and fantastic concepts. They come up with some realistic and fantastic concepts. Nowadays Indian TV shows are also improving by highlighting unique concepts in their show. We have good producers like Vikas Gupta, Sudhir and Seema Sharma producers of the serial Miley Jab Hum Tum who are coming up with great concepts.

Soumya Seth who was last seen in Sony TV's show Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat says - "I watch lot of foreign TV shows like Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives etc. I feel they spend lot of time in bringing one season whereas we produce TV shows are in ample, foreign TV shows are high on budget as compared to Indian TV shows, I like both foreign and Indian shows.

Ravi Dubey who was last seen in Sony TV's Saas Bina Sasural - "I like watching satirical shows like Family Guy, Sherlock, Lie To Me etc. Fringe is my favorite show it is a science fiction show, I think they spend a lot of time and money in preparing one season. They come up with innovative concepts."

Ragini Khanna who was seen hosting Zee TV's show Gangs of Hasseepur says  "I watch too many TV series like New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Ancient Aliens. I don't prefer watching Indian daily soaps because I don't relate to them. Foreign TV shows are natural with its story and concept.

Rati Pandey who was last seen in Zee TV's show Hitler Didi says - "I used to watch Friends before but now I am done with it. My latest TV show is Get Out on TLC it is a travel and adventure based show. Get Out is a full package of sports, adventure, fun and travel. I feel foreign TV shows are more practical and realistic, being in this TV fraternity I respect and I love my work but if I want to relax myself then I would rather opt to watch foreign shows than Indian daily soaps."

Ankit Gupta who is seen in Channel V's show  Sadda Haq says - "I watch Big Bang Theory, One Tree Hill , Two and a Half Men. They are very unique in themselves, one can recognize every character of foreign TV shows because they all are so unique in themselves, for example take Raj from Bing Bang Theory who speaks more after getting drunk. I love watching foreign TV series."   

Abishek Rawat who is seen in Life OK's show Baawre says - "My favorite show is Two And A Half Men. I just love watching it because it based on guys and it is humorous."


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Jasmine_Jui 6 years ago Ankit Gupta...I Love to read anything about u <3
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debs4u 6 years ago stay blessed Ankit Gupta.. keep rocking as parth in sadda haq.. :-) luv u my rockstar..
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sumnavyafan 6 years ago Stay blessed Soumya Seth! Love you princess
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SamriAnu11 6 years ago you're the BEST Ankit Gupta Heart Thumbs Up keep shining Smile n Get Well Soon Cry2014-07-06 23:23:33
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Milkyway9 6 years ago rati pandey sweetie gd nite sweet dreams
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thumbeleena.rj 6 years ago ankit gupta is such a cuty pie...well, i love bing bang theory, two and a half men and one tree hill as well ;) also a follower of sadda haq :)
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_Capsicum_ 6 years ago Arjun Bijlani and Rati Pandey miss u both...
May God bless u
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charisma23 6 years ago Rati Pandey you are the sweetheart of tellywood love you
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ainara 6 years ago LOVE YOU
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ratiamisha 6 years ago Rati Pandey we love you ..
you are a a rockstar

miss you
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