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TV actors talk about what habits they want to give up and what New Year means to them!

Actors talk about the habit they want to change or get rid of and what New Year means to them!

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As the New Year is round the corner, our TV celebs are either heading to some of the exotic location to celebrate the New Year, while some are going to enjoy the house parties. But a few of our actors talk about their habits which they want to get rid off and what does the New Year mean to them.

Sneha Wagh I want to give up taking people on face value and sweets. New Year means fresh perspective on your priorities and goals and finding happiness.

Piyush Sahdev I want to give up nail biting and also want to learn to forgive easily and also want to try to sleep early. New year means a new beginning for me, new hopes and aspirations. I also plan about buying assets as the new year begins so new year is big for me. .

Gaurav S. Bajaj- I will not give up but I'll reduce the no. of cups of tea in a day. I drink 5-7 cups of tea in a day usually. . Late night eating habit. When I watch films at home. I grab so much unwanted stuff from the fridge and hog like a dog ice creams, Namkeens and chips etc.  Arrival of New Years means a lot to me. It gives me a kick and feel good factor when I look back and recalls the best days from the whole year, many different memories which are made and happens by its own with my wife Vanshika. Yes change of date matters to me mentally as the targets and goals asked from the universe becomes closer and closer. New Year means loads of happiness.

Vivek Mishra- I want to give up kissing random people and I always want to use protection on when I make out. No glove no love. New Year is fresh and hot and I feel optimistic.

Shivin Narang - I would like take a control on fattening food and second habit is I would more focus on my fitness.  New Year arrival means new chapter for me. I would new things in 2015 which I couldn't do in 2014.

Rishina Kandhari - Life is a book and every year is a new chapter full new challenges and opportunities and I would like to score my 100% in it. Two things I would like to change will be under estimating my abilities towards myself and spending money like a spendthrift.  I will save as much as I can.

Gunjan Utreja - I want to sleep early. It's been long I have not slept before 4 am. And that's a bad habit  because  I wake up early as well.  I want to give up my fetish for sweets. I cannot resist chocolates and Gulab jamun. Change of date doesn't mean anything to me. It's just another milestone and gives you an opportunity to measure the distance you have come in your life. I believe life is to be lived not measured.

Muskaan Mihani - Two habits just want to b happy and keep our families happy, work a lot and travel. I am sure 2015 that equals to 8 will be good for me.

Shashank Vyas - Two habits really not thought of as I am having good life enjoying my work. Surrounded by nice genuine people so no change as such. Change of date and year are things which somebody think it's a new beginning sought of .But for me if I start today and bring some positive change in me it's a new beginning .But yes I always pray  to God and mom on 1st of January that make me better person and ask for good health.

Aadesh Chaudhary- Two  habits I want to change include sleeping late and giving up on ice-creams. I want to sleep latest by 11.30 or 12 am and want to stop eating ice-creams all the time. New Year means fresh life fresh thoughts and fresh goals.

Ssharad Malhotraa - My excessive caffeine intake and that means cutting down the endless cups of lattes. I have all day and I want to spend more time with friends and family in the coming year.

Saurabh Raaj Jain -  I have a bad habit to forget brushing teeth before sleeping, so I need to work on that . New Year arrival signifies arrival of new opportunities, lot of new learning and all that with a huge celebration.

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yashaswini7 6 years ago hey r so straight forward n honest wth ur answers. Love u.
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Kangna598 6 years ago saurabh sir. You are 1 of the most talented nd handsome men i hv seen.
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RadhikaBr. 6 years ago saurabh my cute govind. I wish that u get lot more fame nd a mega show like mahabharat this year.
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coolpratz 6 years ago ur very cute and honest SRJ!!Be like this forever!!
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b.bansuri 6 years ago You are so handsome and cute Saurabh!! I love you a lot
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Nam29 6 years ago Saurabh-raaj-jain you are cuteness personified. You are so honest and straight forward.
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Nuti12 6 years ago love you rock our you so much boy
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saurabhrocks 6 years ago gud night saurabh come soon onscreen love u
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rj_thakur 6 years ago Sri krisna and maharana pratap two favourite heroes... Love nd respect both
Thanks ssharad malhotra and saurabh raj jain for portraying their chatacters so beautifully2015-01-01 10:54:13
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Krishnapremika 6 years ago Saurabh raaj jain gud nite hope ur back to India now.
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