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TV actors talk about their favorite comedy actor Charlie Chaplin!

One of the most entertaining and legendary actor cum comedian Charlie Chaplin, made us laugh through his splendid acting skills in many movies. Our TV stars talk about Charlie Chaplin’s work and as an actor how did he inspire them.

Iconic comedian cum actor Charlie Chaplin whose 122nd birthday just went by recently is still remembered by our TV stars as an incredible actor who used to make people laugh with his straight faced acting. Though most of his films were silent films this acclaimed actor used to act and express with ease.

We got in touch with few actors from the Indian Television industry to know about their love for this legendary actor.

Manish Raisinghani who is seen as Siddhant Bharadwaj in Sasural Simar Ka on Colors - "His goofy charm is what made his films funny and his electric energy never failed to spark the screen and tickle to burst into laughter. Not just as an actor, Mr. Chaplin inspired us every moment of our life. He had said that 'the most wasted day of your life is the day you haven't laughed'. I grew out of my cartoon characters... well never fully grew out of them, but Charlie Chaplin was the first character on screen I ever connected with and loved. To the man who chose to cry in the rain so that nobody can see his tears and to the man who surrendered himself to the camera and ridiculed himself to make people laugh, I bow down and pay my respect and thank him for adding those giggles and laughter in my family every Sunday of my childhood."

Ragini Khanna who will be seen as a host of the upcoming show Gangs of Hasseepur on Zee TV - "Charlie Chaplin is a legend... everything is unique about him in whatever he does. He emotes everything without saying a word. He doesn't need any language to express himself. There cannot be other Charlie Chaplin and nobody can replace this legend for he will always remain in our hearts."

Rajesh Kumar who is seen as Dara Koyla in Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh on SAB TV - "The best thing about Charlie Chaplin is his simplicity and depiction of emotion. The way he used to convey simplicity is incredible. He shows that each man has some simplicity in them and everyone has a good quality in them too. Charlie Chaplin is a person who makes everyone laugh so according to me he is the saint of modern era who has made a unique place in every one's heart."

Sukirti Kandpal seen as Simran in Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai on Life OK - "I don't watch much of his films but whenever I watch them I like them a lot because he doesn't speak in the film but his actions and expressions are commendable as he explains everything. His acting and films has the ability to make us laugh. I can only say that Charlie Chaplin is a legend and he has carved himself to make people laugh and love him."

Shakti Arora last seen on MTV Webbed, MTV India - "I think more than his movies, watching him on-screen used to make us laugh. His acting, his funny actions, he made us laugh without even making any sound. You know it is always observed that once you watch any film or anything you find it little boring to watch it again but his films you can watch again and again without getting bored. Even today though we have grown up but the people of modern era can still watch his epic comedy and enjoy his film. I respect him not only for his work but for his nature. It's very rare to find such kind of people in this world. I remember once Mr. Charlie Chaplin had to perform on the stage and before that he heard the bad news about his mother's death but still he went on stage for the performance and gave his best. For this gesture I salute him, he could have easily canceled the show but he gathered his courage and made people laugh and hide his own sorrow. Lastly, I can only say that he is a legend and he is not only an important part in Hollywood cinema, but also he is a big part of the Indian cinema as well. He inspired us with his work, with his nature and will be always remembered for his deeds." 

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who is seen as Rey in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance - "I like everything about Charlie Chaplin and his films because everything he presented through his films was unique, and he never copied any gesture or posture or concept. As an actor he has inspired many people because if you have seen his films then you must have noticed that whatever he does is extra ordinary. He is a man who can make people laugh with acting and doesn't need any script or a dialogue. No words are enough for sharing this feeling and I have tried to learn the art of acting from him. Legend is the only word I can use for this epic comedian, nobody can match his talent and nobody can replace this iconic man. As you all know that my girlfriend's name is also Charlie (Charlie Chauhan) and her friends used to tease her by calling her Charlie Chaplin and she should be proud that she is getting compared with the legend."

We miss Charlie Chaplin's antics and his funny acting skills!


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