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Sony's attempt to try something different with 'Tujko Hai Salaam Zindgi' falls flat on its face..


When SET launched ‘Tujko Hai Salaam Zindgi’, it claimed that it would be a different show and that the public was tired of the run of the mill stuff and wanted a pleasant change. Unfortunately, barely 3 month's down the road the channel has taken a decision to axe the show. As a precursor to the final exit, this police academy show has been shunted to the 10PM slot.

According to Mr. Sanjay Upadhyay, Creative Head - Fiction, SET, “We wanted to try out something different, but it did not click. But we have no regrets, for we at least tried to go beyond the conventional stuff.

However, a source tells us that major differences between the channel and production house existed right from the time the show began. The channel was not happy with low TRPs, while the production house,Sphere Origin felt let down by the lack of promotion.

In all this off screen drama, just think about the poor actress, Parivaa Pranati who plays the lead Manya Sharma, who does not have any other show. Her only other work was Viruddh which too was taken off the air. However, publicly she is keeping a brave face and says, “These things happen”. But nudge her furtur and the hurt does come out. “Why should TRPs be the sole barometer of success? Worst part is that nobody knows where the meters are. From the time my character entered the academy, I was getting good public feedback; hence do not know what to assume now. Parivaa is supported by an avid watcher of the serial, Anmol Vaswani who says, “We liked the new concept where women were shown going outside the house and trying out a professional career”.

It's worse for Manoj Bidwai who has just entered the show opposite Parivaa. "My character Karan Verma was pretty interesting and different; hence it is sad that the show is being wrapped up. We had done lot of promotional work for my character, all that is down the drain now." He does not think that the show will be given a logical conclusion, for it will be off air in a matter of days. Lead actor Abhay Vakil was unavailable for comment.

Author: Anil Merani


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usa desi
usa desi 11 years ago the story line was going good until Manya got married to a different guy instead of Akash! it''s like they totally forgot about Akash and every1 else after that and only focused on manya and karan
teelobhain 12 years ago I didnt like it anyways - the story line was pretty boring and slow. the training part they should have not took a lot of time in jungles and camping they should have put a bit of collage/youngsters attitude in it like in the film Mohabbatein, the love stories/strick enviornment and the war between two teachers was shown so nicely and since they had a lot of time since serials can be dragged they should have been able to achieve that nicely but alas they failed to achieve anything.
pallavi25 12 years ago The lead actress didnt have enuf charisma or personality to carry off the role, thats why the show didnt click. Thats my personal opinion.
angel3142 12 years ago ya this has happened to many serial like remix which were best serial and had some meaning but noone give promotion to it and it was pulled of air

and same here the channel doesnt give enough promotion to this kind of different serial and concept and just promote the stupid k serials which doesnt have any meaning in them so nobody watches them so this had to happen
and this would happen if nothing is done about this issue
-SalShah4eva- 12 years ago dis show is good dont what happened to sony..if dis show air on zee or star plus..then evry1 gonna likes this show coz very few ppl watch sony i mean alot ppl watch but mostly zee and star
Mitu1228 12 years ago Noooooooooooooooooooo, I just started watchin it they can end it. Please. Nahi.
sexygirl 12 years ago This content is hidden.
sanjana_mehra 12 years ago i really loved this show it was my favorite show...i actually wanted it to go on it was gettin gud!!!!! omg plz dont do this dont end it plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
miss5stars 12 years ago UGHHHHHHHH there axeing SZ :(
WTF nd they still hav STUPID USELESS DRAMAS out there nd they wanna axe salaam zindagi........stupid SONY sux... 1st vaidehi then kulvaadhu n then kaajjal nd noww SALAAM ZINDAGI
ugh shows lyk BIDAAI who hav the most TRPS r soo boring nd even in IF theres barely ne1 in those sections nd ughhhhhhhhhh
mannn i dnt watch ne other channels but sony cuz thee subtitles thing makes the show not on the same pace as other channels so i kant watch them nd ughhhhh sony bttr not do nethin else stupid this yr
Mitesh.P 12 years ago @ smartc: I agree, The whole channel needs to axe themselves. What is the point daring to present different shows and not sticking too them?

@ Anu: They do have decent shows, however they don't know how to promote them. Tarun (Jassi times) knew the, ahem, formula of advertising. I don't know who is in charge of Sony these days because whoever it is I would just suicide. :P

The only show that has made anywhere near the top 100 is KIT so I guess that show will be staying...and much more serious shows like SZ will go! ..ohh well!!
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