Tuj Sang on a 'High Alert'...

The show has got its second warning this week due to its dipping TRP's...

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We had already reported that Balaji's new venture on Star Plus Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna has got the first warning from the channel due to its decreasing popularity. The latest development is that the show heard the second bell recently.

If sources are to be believed, "The show got a second warning this week from the channel and every body is tense as there are bright chances of the show going off air."

We called the lead Pooja Bose to know more on this. "Well I don't have any idea. The TRP's have been dipping but the creative are working on it. However, there are lots of twists and turns to come in the future episodes which will be liked by the viewers," she quips.

Another actor on terms of anonymity says "The show has got a second warning, and the future is very uncertain. All I can say is that we are working hard towards it."

A little birdie from the production house chirps, "For Ekta this 10:00 pm time slot means a lot and we are trying our best to hold on to that. There are changes made in the script and lets see what happens."

All we can say is that hope 'Tujh sang preet chootey na'…

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Puja Banerjee

Comments (64)

i really don''y wan tujh sang preet lagai sajna 2 go...
i really miss it
i hope it doesn''t cam 2 there last warning...

14 years ago

its awesome show n masumladki shut up!!!!!!!!!11

15 years ago

@rania- if the out dated subject ur talking about is bidaai.. then tuj sangpreet is ANCIENT..as its just like romeo and juliet. - so please leave bidaai out of this.. and lets stick to talking about this show!

neways.. i hope this show does gud..! no show deserves to goo off air :D - gud luck to this show! && the fans who love this show..!

15 years ago

yesterdays epi was rilli gd yaar..just watched it..so sweet..
tis shw rilli needn''t be closed..It''s vry gd
n Vrinda n Yug...they luk so cute together..
n the gal Vrinda is rilli beautiful not at all ugly..

15 years ago

How did this happen, the show was I think the ninth in the TRP charts yesterday. It''s not that bad I guess.

15 years ago

dear rajeev ki heer actually u were talking abt story na i only show u how orignal and out of world story star has grabbed.i am not at all supporing kekta,s serial just talking abt double standards of spactually through this subject they r only spreading complex among people no public welfare msg at all and ant bmtd i was talking abt their different treatment to story unlike ghsi pitii filmy situation again soory if some one fell soory or get hurt that,s only my opinion i think nowdays people like to see onlyfairyland

15 years ago

@rania- I just wanna say few things…. First of all if BV wld be on star u all wld have been behind BV not bidaai, u ppl hate bidaai just bcz it comes on SP and SP is shutting all kekta’s crap , second…… sorry but I just don’t understand what strong subject u r talking abt in BMTD, I never found any and I cant help if u consider such serial has “strong subject” ...... instead of getting “strong subjects” like BMTD I wld prefer to turn my TV off…....ok if bidaai is a version of vivah , out dated subject then whats ur views abt ur so called new, belong to today’s world’s subject of “Saudagar “?

dear bashing other soaps not gonna help till creatives dont improve tujh sang...other soaps r doing their own job.... and its not all abt the strong subject but abt the presentation, what a strong subject will do if u present it with poor direction, editing, low quality, body doubles, poor acting and endless other flaws ?

15 years ago

Star Plus cannot be serious!!!!! TSPLS is doing good and it has a great story line!!!! It''s different than BT''s usual shows and it has a lot of potential!!!! SP can''t do this!!!! I wish all the best to TSPLS and BT!!!

15 years ago

i just want to ans rajeev ki heer and himani if sp is really intrested in story lin na then they have to grab a strong subject like balika vadu and banoo ma tere dulhan .and talkin abt story line is really funny for sp as they r running 2nd version of movie vivahan out dated subject

15 years ago

i love this show! especially Yug(Krunal Verma) - he is soo cute!


15 years ago

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