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#TuesdayTrivia: Did You Know THIS Zee TV's Show's Lead Role Was Played by Twin Sisters?


Do you remember Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara? Produced by Drishtant Media, this soap ran from 1 June 2009 through 18 February 2010. This daily soap was one of those shows that dealt with social problems. And their focus was on the issue of autism. It was one of those shows that highlighted the concept on small screen for the first time. The show reached such popularity that later on it was aired on Zindagi channel and also was dubbed in English and aired on Zee World. 

While the audience was in love with this out of the box concept, it is a lesser known fact that the character of Antara was played by two child actresses and not one. Confused?

Lets us clear your confusion. The character of Antara Verma, who was affected by Autism and was the protagonist of the show was played by Zaynah Vastani. She has a twin sister named Ziyah Vastani, who also used to shoot for the character at times when Zaynah was sick or had prior engagements. They are identical twins and thus it didn't affect the show or the viewers never felt the jerk. In a way it was a good thing done by the makers to lessen the burden of the child stars.

Meanwhile, Ziyah made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Hindi film Contract. She also played Rimzim in Hindi film Bumm Bumm Bole. 
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Octothorpe 2019-01-08T20:49:24Z I always thought there are two girls and they are twins. Those days I was too young to be on SNSs or Google things. Maybe kids do know truth LOL.
Hanalita 2019-01-08T14:51:14Z thats crazy but i think i heard it before
PaYa_Shivika 2015-02-20T00:59:12Z Raj,Simran and DDLJ is an epic movie which remains as an all time fav movie forever.
SRK-Kajol Evergreen couple ever.No one can ever beat their chemistry.
Loved u Farida ji as simran's mother a lot.2015-02-20 01:00:03
samicute 2015-02-20T00:43:10Z Everyone in the movie was awesome!
Loved you Farida Jalal Mam
larki_punjaban 2015-02-19T13:16:36Z lovely actress n lady fardia jalal .. <3
IceMaiden 2015-02-19T11:45:30Z DDLJ is epic. Shah rukh and Kajol will remain the most historic jodi in the history of bollywood ever. There's no one like them, and they are unique.
OmkaraKiParvati 2015-02-19T07:51:42Z DDLJ was an epic movie.. No other movie can replace the charm it has.. The best movie ever in years.. Its sad that Maratha Mandir has pulled down the curtains.. Farida Jalal Mam was amazing as Simran's mother.. Love her loads..

Farida Jalal Mam rocks..
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