Trendy or Pass in Tellybuzz Summer Caf

We are still in the mood of celebrating Summer, and now have shifted our micro eyes on characters of Soaps! Are our favorite stars dressed to ward off the heat?Are they trying out something new this summer? Let's find out right here in Telly Buzz...

Lets Spice up the Summer Season with Stars and their Dressing Sense this Summer!! Are they beating the summer Heat with their Style and clothes or are they just too tired, bored and lazy to experiment in the season which is famous for its laid back attitude?

Lets analyze some of the shows and Protagonists where we will Invite Stars in our “TellyBuzz Coffee Shop” and give them Drinks as per their Dressing Sense and their Dressing Quotient!!

Menu of TellyBuzz Coffee Shop

For Dressing according to Summer, served with Muffins and no Extra Taxes!

For those who are still stuck in their thick and textured clothes with jewellery and celebrating Winter in Summer!

Let’s get down with the Guest List....and see who is in and who is off!!

Kya Dill Main Hai:

A Story about love and betrayal, its about high society, but being rich does not mean you have to wear Blazers, suits and Jackets all the time! It should be reflected by your attitude and style not by the clothes you wear! Unfortunately here both Rahul and Kakoon are not in a mood to experiment and are caught in the web of dark colors like Black, Red and browns in this Weather! Welcome to the Coffee shop but we have…"Hot Coffee" for you both!

KumKum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan:

Without a doubt Sumit knows his style and even more after the show taken the reincarnation route. He looks a cool dude in his faded and washed out jeans teamed with super cool Tees wearing perfect season Colors! We serve him Cold Coffee very proudly with a rose on his table!

Dill Mill Gayye:

Talking about Clothes and Style, then how come anyone can miss DMG as it has its own Style and has taken the Dressing of small screen to a different height altogether, be it Armaan’s shirts and tees, Ridhima’s simple yet sweet kurta’s or Dr.Anjali Jeans! They get a standing ovation at our coffee shop with Cold Coffee and Hot Brownies Oven Fresh!


The show is not about style and clothes as it is centered on a household but to stand out even in this, is no less achievement. Rishi has truly achieved it in his cool kurtas which compliment this scorching season with ease and pastel shades to soothe the eyes.. He gets Cold Coffee with a rose!

Doli Saje Ke:

A show which started off with an old aged story of a girl who is considered inauspicious by her father has changed track from the naïve and sweet Anupama turning into a hip-hop girl who visits disco and pubs just to accompany her husband! The new look of Anupama in short dresses and open and free flowing hair gets Cold Coffee from us! Enjoy your Summer!

Radha Ki Betiyan Kuch Kar Dikhayenge:

For a modern and younger style some young men have been mixing and combining different trends for a more raging and unique style. Male fashion has widened its horizons and has separated from the traditional look. Dr.Shekhar surely knows how to get the combination right in his Loose Kurtas over Jeans! He is surely making a statement of his own! Cold Coffee for you Sir!

Kuch Iss Tara:

The love story of Ranbir and Kanya is truly enduring and sweet! Alas how we wish we could say the same about Ranbir’s clothes!! Just to prove that he is a rich Fellow he wears “Satin Night Suit” in this Weather?? Your Body must be screaming from inside, Mr. Ranbir, so please drop those night suits as soon as you can!! Good for your Body Temperature!! Welcome to the Coffee shop. But we have Hot Coffee for you!!

Saath Phere:

Nahar and Brijesh caught up in the family affair more than in their Business, supporting their respective wives in their household chores leaving office hard and dry is the recent twist in the tale here! And if they are spending all the time at home, then what is the point wearing those suits with ties and that too in 35 Degree Celsius where humidity level is up to 90%? Only they could answer this simple question, for the time being enjoy your Hot coffee as it goes well with your suits!!

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan:

Aah..this is called Luck, as Amar is a poor fellow who doesn’t t have money to buy belts, shoes or jackets and this current situation of his suits the Summer season perfect, as you could spot him in Jeans, open shirts and Chappals, which are very trendy, very chic and very IN!! Enjoy your Cold Coffee and don’t forget to bring Divya along with you!

Dharam Veer:

You all have must heard about the phrase Blessing in disguise! And the protagonists of this show truly living up to this phrase as they have to wear Dhoti and sleeveless vests which is very easy to carry in this season. Enjoy your Cold Coffee in cool breeze of AC as you both must be hell tired running in scorching sun!!

Pari Hoon Main:

Now here Raj is a movie actor whose character is inspired very much by the dressing sense of SRK! Here he religiously follows SRK and is seen in jeans, pastel shirts and vests but as it is going well with the weather and very suave, so Raj Enjoy your Cold coffee dude!

This is what we have served in Telly Buzz Coffee Shop to all the characters of the show!! Remember one thing even if it’s Hot or cold Coffee, they truly Earned it!!

Concept: Nishtha
Author : Nishtha
Special thanks to: *Kruthi*

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hahaha! this is hilarious!
I totally love Amar! :D

15 years ago

...hahaha, exactly, don't forget to bring Divz along with you =)

15 years ago

nice article

andy, karan n hussain all get cold coffe...Nice!!!

15 years ago

Ab husein luks so hotttt to cold coffee hi milegi naaa

15 years ago

hussain n karan both gets cold coffee =)

15 years ago

aaww my rannu got hot coffee well wht can you expect if your that hot!!! aww luv yu babez

15 years ago

Yeh DMg has itz own style!!! DMG ROXXX!!!!

15 years ago

wooo go BMTD
yea they got she cold coffee which means theyre in
o yea!

15 years ago

dmg has style,sweetness ..a perfect combination of love,youth&humour.

15 years ago

thanx for the this, and yea the characters of dmg definaly have style!

15 years ago

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