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Trans Actor Hunter Schafer Talks About Playing a Trans On-screen in 'Euphoria'

The actress plays the role of Jules in HBO's popular show, Euphoria


HBO's Euphoria continues to be the talk-of-the-town especially with every week presenting with a new episode. While all the actors have done a phenomenal job with their respective roles, it is Hunter Schafer's character of Jules that has garnered a lot of love and appreciation indeed,

Even though now, not many know that Hunter, who plays Jules, a transgender in the show is also a trans in real life. On being a trans woman herself, the actress talked about having to shape the character for having a deep and emotional backstory, "I think there might be some confusion about why she’s acting the way that she is from the first episode, why she’s putting herself through that, from an outside perspective. So to know where some of that is coming from and to understand that some of her issues run really deep and formed when she was maybe even too young to clearly remember or too young to make that connection, that’s insightful and necessary."

On her intense sex scenes with Eric Dane and other characters, she said, "he intimacy coordinator was amazing as far as being able to create clear boundaries and navigate a scene. Not everything would be scripted and you’d have to feel things out in a scene like that. Eric was amazing and very accommodating, I think we had a good thing toward each other in making sure we were both OK, but having that extra layer of protection and navigation for a scene like that was really helpful and comforting, as far as getting down to specifics."

A new episode of Euphoria airs every week on Mondays on Hotstar.

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