Time to bid 'Virrudh' Good Bye

Smriti Irani's Virrudh is gearing up for a closure; Read for details..

Smriti Irani’s Viruddh has been in the limelight ever since the show went low on the TRP charts. Speculations began about the show going off air, but after repetitive denial by Smriti and the Uragya team, the rumors had eased out earlier. But once again, Virruddh finds it self on the headlines about curtains coming down on the show, though this time, the news seems to be true.

Sushant Singh confirms the news to Telly Buzz, by stating, “This time it's not a rumor, Virruddh is absolutely in its final days…” When asked when the show is wrapping up, he replied, “I am not sure about the exact date, but we’re hoping to end the shooting sometime end of January…”

Further, the Executive Vice-President and Business Head of Sony Entertainment Television,Mr. Albert Almeida confirmed, "It is true, the show is coming to an end.   As all good things need to end, so has this show; but I am glad that it's ending on a good note, and it's time for the channel to bring in another fresh doze of entertainment to its viewers. We will be replacing Virrudh with something fresh and exciting..."

Smriti Irani remained unavailable for the comment.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Sushant Singh

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Well i think it was a very sensible and a mature show...feelin bad tht itz goin to end but itz gud for da show rather than spoilin da show with unwanted twists and turns, itz always better tht it ends...but i'm goin to miss Sushant Singh, Smriti and Achint..I feel they r the best actors in the show..

16 years ago

its the only show i watch...

although i dun want it to end so soon :(,but glad to know that its ending on a logical note and will not b dragged along like other shows...:)

Hope that smriti ma'am continues producing such gud shows..All th best to her...:)

16 years ago

i watch this show it,s good show but every show ends so it,s okay with me.

16 years ago

i agree wid shafaq as well ...
i like dis show n i think this is the only show i watch regularly ...
Ohh God!!! y its ending ..
i Dunt want it to END :(

16 years ago

i totally agree with wat Shafaq has just said

16 years ago

that's what happens when a show airs on SONY..why can't they choose a different channel..if it came on ZEE TV or STAR PLUS, it would've definitely gotten high TRPs

16 years ago

This content is hidden.

16 years ago

Good show while it lasted. Better to end while it can still be remembered for that.

16 years ago

this show is deffo great... ndifferentfrom the drag on storiesofbalaji!..keepon going onfor years... n unrealistic tsuff happens ! ... quite like the way this show is not following the same Ekta pattern of events. hope the nxt show that sony puts on is .. different..n the story keeps us hooked up..like virrudh rather than being a drag!

16 years ago

started with promising note, fresh story, good actors n excellent set.. i loved this serial initially..

but these days story getting irritating n nonsense.. good that serial is ending...

16 years ago

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